Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Yay for normal!
Just got a call back and my labs came back totally normal. WOO!
Now I wouldn't have objected to doing the c-sec this Friday, but I'm also really happy that everything came back normal.
I already have a ton of crap wrong.. don't need to tack on anything else lol.

I'm sure though that if my BP is still high on my next appointment, they may still want to do the c-sec on the 5th.
I'm fine with it. It will suck being in the hospital for Zoe's birthday, but celebrating it a little late shouldn't be a big problem... even if I'm drugged up to hell and back and exhausted lol.

At least this gives us more time to prepare for baby again though! And so long as baby stays put on its own.. we should still be good to go for that concert :)

So YAY for nothing being wrong! Still though... possibly only 1.5 weeks until baby #3 arrives! O_O

Oh and I managed to go through the 2 storage bins that SiL gave back to us.
We're all set for sleep gowns and all of that lol. Most of it is girly stuff, but oh well. I'm really not worried about putting a boy in girly pjs and whatnot. And hey.. if this is a girl.. she is so set on clothes it's not even funny. SO many cute girly clothes.

I dunno who bought SiL all of the newborn footie pjs though. There were around 5 or 6 of them. None of them are from us. Not sure if she bought them or someone else did. Can't imagine she got much use out of them. Oh well. They're so cute and small though. No idea if we'll even be using them. Depends on how big this lil one is :)

Still need to take pics but will try to get some and post tomorrow :D

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