Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Give me a damn heartattack!

So first up... my appointment went ok. They were kind of busy so the wait to see the doc took a while and Oren was getting restless in the stroller. They behaved for the most part though.
I weigh 230lbs though! NOOOOOOOOOO /cry
I hated seeing that number but really.. I don't care at this point. I'll worry about it after baby arrives. Will be more work on my part to get the weight off, but again.. I'm not going to worry about it until later.

Going to have to get someone to watch the kids for the next appointment. It's the dreaded butt swab. Guys just don't know how lucky they are. Oh boohoo.. they have to get their balls cupped and eventually a finger or 2 stuck up their butt.
Cry me a damn river you bunch of pansies! lol
This is a lot of TMI and embarrassing to admit to, but since the pregnancy with Oren.... my butt crack hair has gone INSANE. Rofl. It's just hair, but it's still embarrassing to admit to having it there as a woman.. ya know? I hate letting DH see my butt naked b/c I know those long ass hairs are poking out....waving to him :P lol
They're OBs though. I'm sure they've seen that and then some, so I'm not going to worry about it.. much heh ;)

Get home after my appointment and the store.. everything is fine. Dogs have been inside most of the day so I let them out for a little while.
Go to let them back in after about an hour or so b/c it's getting windy and I hear thunder. Chihuahua and cat are on the porch and come right in. Other 2 dogs are MIA. But that's not abnormal. They'll sometimes be around the corner doing whatever dogs do and won't hear me calling for them to come in.
So I close the door and go out front to check on my plants. Some of them fell over b/c of the wind, so I go out to pick them up and see the bigger dog come running towards me. WTF???
I let her in when she gets to me and go back out to check on the back gate which is wide open.
Cue heart dropping.
Our back gate is rarely opened by us and it's difficult to get open b/c it sticks. So someone (probably a meter reader) opened the gate and then didn't bother to fucking close it behind them so our dogs escaped.
I'm freaking out b/c our other dog is still missing.
I eventually gathered the kids up and went driving around the neighborhood a couple of times looking for him.
Didn't find him, so came home.
Had a feeling and went and checked the back porch and there he was.
He must have slipped back in to the backyard when I was letting the other dog in and obviously before I checked the gate and closed it back.
They must've JUST gotten out when I found out they had escaped.
Thank goodness they're both safe though and that the other animals didn't get out too.
I'm still super frickin pissed off that some idiot opened our back gate and then didn't close it back. DH came home and put a padlock on the gate. Fuck meter readers. You can't be bothered to close someone's gate? Then go fuck yourself.

Anyway, we have to take our dog (the one that reappeared on the back porch) to the vet tomorrow. Or more like DH has to. He keeps rubbing his ass b/c his tail bothers him and opens up a sore on his butt. We're seeing a different vet since the one we were seeing left. No idea what he's going to recommend, but we're just kind of done with treatments and want the problem fixed. So that's probably going to be a few hundred dollars for surgery to hopefully fix his tail problem once and for all. We should've had it done a few hundred dollars in treatments ago.

I do not think I'm going to make it to my c-sec date. Not with the aches I'm feeling. I'll be shocked but pleased if I do make it, but I dunno.... just with how low down I'm aching right now... I have some serious doubts.

Need to get the designs in the nursery drawn already so I can start painting. Would've had more done yesterday, but that whole missing dogs thing side tracked me :\
Think we're planning on getting the furniture this weekend so I really need to just get it done. Going to take me a while to do it since I have to rest so much and keep an eye on the kids too, but hopefully not too long.
Of course, I'll get pics of everything and will actually post them up lol

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