Monday, July 25, 2016

Could be the 5th afterall

So I had my appointment this afternoon.
My BP was elevated again. Nothing in urine though, but the OB wanted some blood work done and if anything comes back 'weird' then they're going to move my c-sec to the 5th. At least I think she meant the 5th. She said NEXT Friday but then said 38w which would be this Friday /shrugs.
I guess if anything does come back, they'll tell me what's gonna happen.

I dunno... I don't think there will be anything. Think it's just my anxiety mixed with the heat and whatnot that causes my BP to go up, but hey.. ya never know. Better to be safe than sorry :)

I mentioned the lack of hiccups to her and she said that it's perfectly fine and nothing to worry about.
Also mentioned the shortness of breath and she didn't seem worried. Just said that it's probably baby pushing up against my diaphragm making it hard for me to breath.

I actually forgot to mention the numbness in my feet. SIGH! I'm not really worried about it (now) to be honest. Since putting my feet up helps the swelling.. I think it's just 'normal' end of pregnancy crap going on.
And I just now remembered that I forgot to mention the punched in the crotch feeling when I roll. SIGH! Thanks brain! :\

So yeah.... just gotta wait for the blood results to get back in and go from there. May be delivering when I had originally wanted.
A bit upset that I'll be in the hospital for Zoe's birthday, but can't really do anything about that :(

We did go to Build A Bear today for part of her birthday... thing lol.
She had wanted an Ironman bear. Ever since we brought it up to her weeks ago, she's been going on about wanting that particular one.... we got there... she spotted a Peppa Pig one and that is the one she wanted. Screw Ironman! lol
They were both part of a 2 for $35 though so she got Peppa and Oren got Ironman :)

We ate lunch at the food court (it was in a mall) and spent $10 letting her ride the carousel they have there. Oren did ride it the first time and was TERRIFIED. LOL
It was so stinking cute. DH rode it with them and Oren had a death grip on him and his face buried in his side. I know it's awful, but the look of horror on Oren's face was hilarious and cute :P lol
Should've gotten some photos and video of it hehe

Zoe had a blast though :)

I had wanted to go to buybuybaby or babies r us while we were there, but we didn't leave the mall until 1pm and my appointment was at 2:45 so.. yeah. Oh well. We really didn't need anything, but it would've been nice to look some heh.

So yep... baby could be arriving next week! O_O

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