Monday, July 18, 2016


So DH went to the bank and called me after.

Apparently the dipshit he talked to on Saturday didn't know WTF he was talking about. The thieves didn't get our account number, they were just using our old debit card information, so DH doesn't need to change any of the account number stuff thankfully and the woman he talked with today fixed it all.
PLUS... the dipshit didn't even freeze my debit card like he was supposed to do when DH told him to do it, PLUS didn't do some other shit like he was supposed to do (I can't remember everything that DH told me, just that whoever he talked to needs to be fired).
DH unfortunately didn't remember the guy's name, but I'm sure if they wanted, they could look up who was working at the time to see who it was.

Oh and our old debit cards were in fact NOT deactivated. Some bullshit about since our new ones have the chip thing in it and was different from the old ones, that we needed to call in to deactivate them.
Load of BULLSHIT IMO to keep them from being accountable for this crap happening.

And also... there had been another charge that the bank stopped from happening.... a hotel reservation to some place in the Bahamas. Guess the assholes thought they were gonna be getting a nice vacation! :\

We really should have been told about this crap so we could have kept an eye on things too so we could notify them when something suspicious came up.

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