Friday, July 15, 2016

HE washers suck

There... I said it. HE washers are shit. Just sitting here thinking about the clothes that I washed for Zoe and how I could have probably have done it in one batch, but I didn't b/c I didn't want to overload the washer b/c it's HE and  it wouldn't clean the clothes thoroughly.
Just not a fan of HE washers. We always get detergent stains on our clothes and like I said.. if we put just a little too many clothes in the wash... not all of them will get cleaned properly.
Oh well... at least we have a washer.

After I'm done posting, I'll be rummaging through the clean clothes for Zoe's stuff. Other than washing the dirty stuff.. I haven't folded anything and haven't packed up anything for her. Meh.... I still don't want to now but whatever.
I'm just not thrilled that she's going to be gone for a week. Sigh.....

DH is off Monday so don't have to worry about him needing to take time off for my appointment.
But that means he has to work next weekend. Boo. He's not supposed to be working any weekends anymore since he took his new position (unless he wants to) or holidays but oh look... he's already had to work a few holidays and a few weekends now.
Whatever.. he gets paid a little more if he does do it and we could def use the money right now.

We managed to rack up a 6k bill on the credit card. The vacation along with the furniture and buying the supplies to build the nursery... it adds up quick.
Thankfully we have savings to help pay it off, but I hate digging in to savings when we have other things we're going to need to get down the road.
That sounds stupid... we have savings for things like this.. it's just that 6k is such a HUGE chunk of money and it's going to take a long time to build that back up which is going to delay a few home improvements we've been wanting to do (like the backyard shed and porch).
Nevermind any possible emergency situations that we may need $$ for. Sigh....

Really hate worrying about money. I know we're lucky to have what we do, but it still never feels like enough sometimes.

Baby is moving around a little right now. Doesn't feel like big movements, but damn... whatever it was doing down low HURT. Maybe it was turning and just ground its head in a bad spot. OUCH LO!
I know you don't have a lot of room in there, but dang child! lol

I'm feeling ok. Same old same old really. Tired all the time, no energy, aching, and just bleh. But really... overall... ok. I get out of breath so easily now and I'm really tired of the reflux and having to pop tums all the time.

Thankfully the dizziness I was having doesn't seem to be worse and a little better. I'll get a little lightheaded if I bend weird or something, but other than that, nothing.

Is it bad that I like getting looks out in public b/c I am SO incredibly huge and pregnant?? lol
I really don't like attention focused on myself, but I dunno... there's this part of me that thinks it's funny when people stare at me.

I know I've found myself unintentionally looking at very pregnant women before, but it's just b/c it's not a very common sight.

I am paranoid though. I know it's just curiosity, but I hate it when people ask me how much longer I have. There's that paranoid side that thinks they're only asking b/c they want to cut my baby out and steal my baby lol. Just some crazy ass people out there and you can't tell who is who.

And that's enough for now. Need to get this party started already and get it over with!

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