Wednesday, July 6, 2016

You can't be serious

Ok another post really quick b/c... I just can't with the stupidity.

So I'm not super active in the new TWW August DD group. There are some nice women in it, but it's mostly a pretty inactive group.
This one particular woman posts a lot and she seems nice enough. A bit on the dramatic side, but nice.

Well, she just posted that she's trying to naturally induce at only 36w.
Why?? B/c she wants that VBAC and is afraid that if baby bakes further, it's going to be too big for a VBAC.
Are you fucking kidding me with this shit??
Of course she had to first say to not judge her.
Bitch.. you are risking your baby coming prematurely just b/c you want to push it out of your vagina. I'm going to judge and I'm not going to be quiet about it!!

She then says that she knows the risks (sure.. and all that risk it to her baby).... that she feels the baby practicing breathing, that baby is measuring ahead, that SHE was premature and spent soandso weeks in NICU and SHE is ok, so her baby will be too.


I get wanting a VBAC. I really do, but NOT at the expense of your child.
Sure, everything could be perfectly fine and baby could come out perfectly healthy and not needing any help... but what if it does need help? What if it needs to spend weeks in the NICU b/c your dumbass successfully induced labor early just b/c you wanted a VBAC?? Was that VBAC really worth it then? Is the thought of a c-section THAT horrible that you're willing to risk your baby's health to avoid it??

I just can't with this shit.
TWW is a supportive website, but I had to say something, b/c shit like that should not be supported.

Even though it's not that surprising, it does shock you sometimes how stupid people can be.
I really hope for that baby's sake that the mother's efforts to induce labor fails.

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