Thursday, June 30, 2016

You little bastards!!!

No pics yet.
I've been watching my plants since this morning.
Went out to water my crappy looking plants and saw that one of my tomatoes had its top leaves stripped. WTF??
We have some deer that roam around the neighborhood so I thought that maybe a really brave deer got itself a snack during the night.
Then I looked closer....
Nope... not deer..... nasty frickin tomato hornworms!!!
Giant greet fat juicy caterpillars.
There was one on that plant and a bigger one on the one next to it.
So gross and I'm so pissed too.
It's insane how much damage was done in such a short period of time by these things.
Hoping the plant still produces and I've been going in and out all day to check for more.
Did find another one on a different plant. Threw them all out in to the road in hopes that they'll get run over or some hungry birds will make a meal out of them.
Had to throw the first 2 out AGAIN b/c the bigger one had already made its way back when I checked again and the smaller one was crawling on the driveway.

I would chop them or squish them, but they gross me out so dang much. I feel so.. bleh.. when it comes to big juicy wormy things. Small little caterpillars don't bother me... it's when they get huge and fat that it just gives me the willies.

AND Oren decided he was going to wake up before 6am today. Awesome....
He did quiet down until around 6:30 when he just fussed and fussed for 10min until I finally gave in and got up. He probably would have gone back to sleep, but I was tired of hearing him cry.

I went to bed earlier last night, but it wasn't enough. I'm still SO tired right now and caffeine isn't doing anything :(

Maybe if I'm lucky and the kids behave.. I'll be able to sneak in a couple of catnaps lol. Just a couple min ones would be nice :P lol

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