Thursday, July 28, 2016

SO achy!!

I sound like a broken record, but this is my life right now.
Not sure if baby was just laying really low or what, but all night long I was SO achy really far down. I HAD to lay on my left side b/c laying on my right made the aching worse.
Thankfully I feel fine now, but that was a long night.
Pretty sure it wasn't contractions or anything like that though... although that thought did cross my mind lol.

Also had to sleep in just my undies last night.
Oh so attractive :\
I was SO hot and sweaty though that even with my shirt hiked up to my boobs, it was still too much.
This sweating is ridiculous though.
If I didn't wear panty liners... I wouldn't know if I was just sweating, peeing myself, water broke, or what. That's how much I'm sweating. It's gross and feeling constantly wet is disgusting. I'd be going through all of my panties every day just to not be sitting in wetness.

Anyway.... enough of that...

Going to try to start getting my hospital bag together.. or well.. as together as I can get it and clean up our room today.
Not going to overdo it, but I do need to at least vacuum. May try to carpet clean too depending on how I'm feeling. The bed is right there though if I feel like I need to take a break :)

No pics today. DH took the camera to work. Oh well... tomorrow..... maybe :P lol

Oren is in a throwing phase right now it seems. Awesome :\
Thankfully he can't throw very far, but telling him no isn't cutting it lol.

Zoe is doing well and boy is that little attitude getting bigger rofl. It's frustrating to deal with but also kind of funny sometimes. But she's learning that mommy doesn't  tolerate that mess and she's learning that pitching an attitude isn't going to get her what she wants.

Like last night, she kept blowing this wooden whistle thing. I told her that if she wanted to blow it to please take it to her room and do it. I wasn't being mean or anything. Well the girl got a little attitude like she does and started pouting and giving me the silent treatment.
I ask her if she's done with her food b/c I WAS going to get her a popsicle if she was done. She didn't answer so I straight up told her, if she didn't answer me, she wasn't going to get one.
She wanted to continue her little silent treatment so... no popsicle.
Whatever.. her loss.
I start cleaning up and 5min later, she comes out and says that she's done. But nope.. too late little miss. Cue the whining and crying.
I explained to her that she can't pull attitude and then still expect what she wants.
Sigh.... really hope the message gets through to her eventually lol.

Her and Oren are starting to fight over toys more. Joy :\
They're usually pretty good with sharing... but then they'll both get it in to their heads to play with something the other one has and the screaming and whining starts.
Oh I know it's just the start of this...... I'm going to be responsible for tylenol staying in business lol.

Think that's all for now. Just still trying to wake up some more so I can get up enough energy and motivation to do something productive. May not be what I'm hoping to do, but I want to do something. Not just sit here sweating :\

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