Friday, July 29, 2016


Yeah... nothing was done today... at all.
Just not feeling up to do much of anything right now.
I got shaky last night at dinner time and while I'm not that bad right now.. it feels like things could go that way.
I've been snacking all day to hopefully keep that from happening again though.

I think it's also partially dehydration too. I've been using my little fan a lot today to help keep from sweating too much, but it's a tiny little thing that can only do so much lol. I replaced the battery in it 3 or 4 days ago and I can already tell that it's losing some juice heh.

Thankfully it seems as though swelling isn't as bad today. It usually starts up right after I wake up, but it's not as bad today. Probably b/c I haven't tried doing much of anything.

I can tell that my attitude has been pretty shitty though. Just really quick to get annoyed with the kids which I'm not happy about :( Sure... they've been really pushing their limits lately, but I don't like snapping at them as much as I have been. I'm just so hot and miserable and it really shows in my attitude sometimes. I try my best though.
Just need to try harder b/c with 3... yeah... I'm going to need to get a lot more patience. A LOT more lol.

Anywho.. just waiting for DH to get home already. Today has dragged, but thankfully I got in a nice little nap. Could've used a longer one, but a short one is better than nothing :)

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