Monday, July 11, 2016


So we got a good bit done this weekend. YAY :)

Picked up the baby furniture. I painted some. Not as much as I was hoping, but I'm so limited with how much I can do right now.
DH moved the baby gate that was blocking the foyer area since that's where the door is to go to the nursery. He also installed the new locks on the front door, garage, and back door so we don't have to worry about Zoe opening them.
Once I got done with painting the one wall, DH set up the furniture.
It's definitely modern looking. The colors look very military to me, but it's nice and different. Not too out there lol.
I'll get photos later :)

We also got our new fridge and stove in! YAY!
Both fridges are set up in the kitchen now and both look SO empty lol. We went from not enough room in our old one to both looking like there's nothing in them :P lol
Oh well, that will change once we go grocery shopping again and again. Build up on stuff :)
Definitely going to take full advantage of the amount of freezer space we have now too. That was always seriously lacking.

Used the stove for the first time last night.
We definitely need new pots. I think most of them... the bottom has rounded off which just doesn''t work well with glass top stoves.
The pan we have is still nice and flat, but the nonstick surface is shit now, so we need to replace that too.
BUT it worked fantastic. Heated up super quick and evenly. That's a new one for me lol. So used to the middle being the hottest point and having to shift things around. Plan on using the oven for the first time tonight :D

Hmm... that doesn't sound like we did much, but we really did do a lot lol. My back and shoulders are killing me.

Thankfully we only had Oren to worry about this weekend. MiL and aunt took Zoe. Sounds like Zoe was a royal pain though. Zoe gets SUPER cranky when she doesn't get enough sleep and they always let her stay up until.... gawd knows when. But she'll usually wake up early even if she goes to sleep late.
She's already a stubborn child when she gets enough sleep.... take away a few hours and yeah... demon child! lol
They know this but still keep her up anyway. Whatever.... they're the ones that have to deal with it I guess.
I hate getting her back with giant dark circles under her eyes though.
We didn't get her back until frickin 9pm last night. Brushed her teeth and put her right to bed where she passed out. It's 8:30 now and she's still sleeping. Will let her sleep for as long as her little body needs it.
They're going to have a rough time next week. They're supposed to be taking her to the beach with them.
I'm sure they'll be ready to give her back by the end of the week.. heck.. by the middle probably lol.

Going to miss my girl. I do not like that she's going to be gone for a week. They're not planning on going in the ocean since there have been so many warnings about bacteria and whatnot, but still.. they're going to have niece with them as well and MiL and aunt get distracted easily. I know they'll probably be going to the flea market down there and those 2 can stay at one booth for HOURS looking at junk and Zoe is going through a stage where she'll see something and wander off to go look at it.
I'm sure everything will be fine, but I worry... a lot lol.

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