Monday, August 1, 2016

That was a new sensation

This weekend DRAGGED. Good thing though. I thought the weekend was going to go by quick lol.
Saturday sucked though. It started off fine enough, but we went to Sam's first to get our real membership cards. Took FOREVER b/c their computer system kept messing up.
That about killed me once that was finally done and we started walking around. Just ache city. Didn't even get to look around as much as we wanted :(

Then we went to Walmart to pick up some things I wanted. Didn't even get everything b/c I was so distracted by how much pain I was in.
We did find some good deals on some Monster High type of dolls though. They were on clearance for only $5!! That's super cheap for any toy nowadays. Bought 2 for Zoe for Christmas and 2 for niece. Of course Oren had to pull one out and Zoe saw it and kept asking for it. Thankfully she seems to have forgotten about it, so hopefully it will still be a surprise by Xmas :)

But yeah... I forgot to get more compression socks, lanolin, nursing pads and.... think there was something else too but.. brain not functioning.
We did get a lot of other stuff though so not a total waste of time lol.

THEN we had to go grocery shopping. Holy moly... I was beyond miserable by then. I had to keep going though b/c if I had sat down.. I don't think it would've made anything better.

By the time we got home.... I was just done. I was hurting so much and could barely move for the rest of the day. Should've taken some tylenol but oh well.

Oh we also got Oren another haircut after Sam's. Thankfully I could sit there though and it didn't take long. It's not a great haircut but he looks adorable anyway lol.

Thankfully Sunday.. I was feeling much better. Not being able to move much on Saturday so being forced to rest actually helped me recover.
But there was one moment when I got up to get some food.... tremendous amount of pressure right in my vag. It didn't hurt at all and wasn't even uncomfortable... it was just super low down pressure. I swear, it felt like if I pushed at all, baby would've come out. Or if I had felt down there, I would've felt the baby's head right there.
I'm sure it was actually the baby. It was just such a weird sensation, especially since there was no pain with it. It lasted for maybe only a minute before easing up and I haven't felt it since then.

Bought a lot of food just in case my c-sec is bumped up.
But I'm kind of doubting it will be.
I feel fine other than the normal aches and pains. My feet and ankles aren't getting as swollen as they were. I think from the knee down is actually getting swollen, it's just difficult to tell when it's that whole area and when it's not that bad.

Anyway... we'll see what happens today. My appointment isn't until 3 so it's gonna be a long wait.

Even if my c-sec is still on for the 12th... I still highly doubt baby is going to wait until then. But hey.. ya never know :)

In just a week... Zoe is going to be 4!! My goodness, time sure does fly. If I'm still in the hospital.. we'll probably do a little something the next weekend. If not, then we'll do something on the 6th or 7th with her :) Not sure if DH took it off or not.
We're not planning anything huge anyway. Just presents and some cake and maybe Mcdonalds since she loves getting happy meals like every other child out there lol.
Need to wrap all of her presents up that we're giving her. Think we're going to save a few of them for Christmas.
We're still planning on getting her and Oren a motorized car which is $400. DH is determined that that is going to be the only gift, but yeah... that's not the case so far lol. Now we're not going to be getting them a ton of other stuff, but we gotta get them a few other things.. like the Monster High dolls and whatever else. Definitely won't be anything else expensive.

Anywho... 4 years old. Gosh, she's getting so big and I'm sure that attitude is going to get bigger too lol. Oh well... she's a good child... even with the whining and tude ;) lol

And yeah... that's it for now. Will try to update on what's going to happen after my appointment.

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