Thursday, March 31, 2016

Torturers.. that's what they are!

UGH... today's teeth cleaning was a WHOLE LOT WORSE than before.
It was a different woman doing it and boy.. she was not gentle or careful with the cleaning. She actually did scrape off some gums in spots (that got stuck in between my teeth... gross), and just was not gentle.
My frickin gums hurt :(

Also had the oral surgeon consult today. THought they would take the tooth out but no... just a consult.. duh.
Talked to the doctor for literally 5 minutes... and then got charged $95 for it. And people wonder why folks have fucked up teeth. It's b/c no one can frickin afford this shit!!!
Anyway... scheduled the tooth extraction for next Thrusday morning and that's going to be another $250 which isn't too bad I guess. At least something is actually going to be done then.
Also was told that I'd of course have to wait until after having the baby to get my 2 wisdom teeth taken out and to start the procedure to get the fake tooth stuff started. He said they have to drill in to the jaw, then put in some kind of titanium thing and let that heal for 3 months, blahblahblah.
I'd also have to wait until after BFing/Pumping to do all of this b/c of the meds. I'm not too worried about it though. My wisdom teeth rarely bother me.. it's usually when food gets stuck under the flap of gums that is covering the left one and it causes the gums to get irritated.
AND I'm gonna be getting fillings for all of my glorious cavities in 2 weeks I think. Sigh.....
I'm going to be the reason my children take darn good care of their teeth. Don't be like mommy and put it off! Don't be like mommy and be lazy with taking care of your teeth!
I mean it could be worse... which I'm thankful that it's not.
Thankfully Zoe actually likes brushing her teeth though so yay for that :)
Just need to start brushing Oren's teeth.

Speaking of his teeth... not just my imagination, but I think his upper teeth are already looking better since we took away the pacifier.
They were really in that thumb sucker shape before.. and still is now, but not quite as bad.
If you're wondering what that looks like.. just google thumb sucker teeth lol.
His weren't quite as drastic as a lot of the photos, but if we had allowed him to keep the pacifier, I'm sure they would've been.
Really hoping his teeth keep straightening up some more.

This is going to make me sound awful, but my kids teeth will NOT end up like their cousins.
Both girls one is 12 the other is 10 this year... already ruined their permanent teeth b/c their parents don't ever make them brush. AND b/c my brother is a moron and can't hold down a decent job when he gets one... never holds on to good dental insurance.
They had to get shiny SILVER crowns on a few of their front teeth. Plus the 10yo has a front tooth that has grown in sideways. Poor child already has body image issues.. now tack that on :(
Just... UGH. I'm angry for them b/c they're still so damn young and already have permanent problems with their teeth that will probably only get worse.
Both my brother and his wife don't take care of their teeth either. Well, my SiL took advantage of the dental insurance they used to have and did go, but since he lost that job, she hasn't been back since and her teeth are fucked. Multiple ones have broken and just look awful. And my brother... don't even get me started on his teeth. He used to have naturally beautiful straight teeth. The kind of teeth everyone wishes they had.... and then his lazy ass never brushed them either. Add in smoking and all that mess and his teeth have rotted out of his head. They have meth mouth minus the meth.

So yeah.... this was my wakeup call.... I didn't take care of my teeth like I should have, but at least I had enough sense to brush my teeth and get Zoe in to the habit of doing it too. I will not let bad teeth be a reason for self esteem issues in my kids.
I know that probably sounds terrible, but people get picked on for everything.. I don't want my kids to be easy targets for something that can be prevented/helped.

Oren is going through some tantruming hell right now.
Holy crap...... when he's not happy... you'll know it! The boy has a good set of lungs on him and he is not afraid to use them!
He would not calm down starting at around 6, so I finally just had enough of it and put him to bed. He cried for all of a minute and went right to sleep. He refuses to take a 2nd nap now, but my goodness, does he still need it most days.

Thankfully though, he has been STTN!!! WOOOOOOO!
Every once in a while he'll wake up crying for some reason, or I'll hear him fussing just a little over the monitor, but I'll take it over his twice a night wakes. Now that he doesn't have the pacifier, I just let him whine or whatever b/c I know going in to his room will just escalate things.

I dunno what got in to Zoe's head yesterday, but the girl bit my leg! HARD!
It was only just a pinch of skin, but we all know how painful a frickin pinch can be, now add in teeth to the mix.

Oren also bit me the other day too. He was wanting to be picked up and I didn't do it fast enough I guess and he bit the crap out of my arm. I popped his hand and told him no. Of course my loud sudden OUCH and the pop and NO startled him and made him cry. Yeah.. not sorry that time. He is not going to end up a biter damnit!! If he ends up biting when he's older... boy is going to get his cute little butt bitten back. Momma don't play that mess.

And there was something else, but I let my venting/ranting take over lol...

OH! I've been feeling baby move a lot more :D Can't remember if I mentioned this. It's like a switch was turned on since my appointment and baby just suddenly decided to make themselves known more lol. It's still not a lot of movement, but it's definitely baby :)

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