Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Happy Birthday Baby! :D

Can't believe this day has arrived already. Man... a year goes by super quick!
Can't believe my baby boy is already a year old. Geeze..
Anywho.... he's doing well. He slept like shit last night, but he was in a good mood this morning anyway :)

I'll post some photos later. Want to get a few of him outside once he wakes from his nap.

Oh, he is having some really gross loose stool. It's not quite diarrhea, but it's still mushy and disgusting. Thanks a lot antibiotics! lol
Think his last doses should be on Monday.

If we have enough stuff, think I'm gonna make a pound cake. We're not doing anything special today, but making a cake still sounds good heh.

Want to get another Publix cake for his birthday. We need to get that order put in soon. Think they said we only had to put it in the day before, but would feel better if we did it sooner just to be sure that it's ready.

FINALLY saw my mom yesterday. Haven't seen her in... gosh.. maybe 2 months b/c we've been sick and just forgetfulness.
Poor Oren didn't recognize her at all and cried when she picked him up. Felt so bad b/c it's my fault for not bringing him over to visit her more often.
But, the thing is... her husband came home... picked Oren up.. and he was totally fine. He even snuggled him some lol.
Then a little before we left.. my mom picked him up again and yep.. he cried again. Sigh.... he'll get over it I'm sure.

Zoe is a little jealous today. She keeps saying it's her Tigger's birthday too. Well.. she calls it Mim Mim (after some cartoon she likes).... and when I was singing a birthday song for Oren, she'd come in with "...and Mim Mim!" lol

She's been good though. Showing a little bit of jealousy here and there, but overall, she's been a great big sister.

UUUUGH. I really need to start cleaning up today. There's SOOOOOO much to do. When MiL came to watch the kids.. she had to bring niece with her and that just messed a whole lot of crap up that I still haven't cleaned yet lol. Plus I just need to declutter a lot of areas. Got a lot of work to do basically.
Family have seen the house dirty, not worried about that.. I'm just tired and getting irritated at seeing the mess.

DH has pretty much cleaned out that front room. Think I already mentioned that.
Anywho... there are some mystery stains in there. Yuck. I'm sure some of them came from our dogs... specifically our old dead one that would often get diarrhea in the house. Of course she'd have to find the cleanest part of the house to foul up too.
Anyway... just hope the carpet cleaner works on the spots. Overall though, it's a good size room. I still think we should build out a small closet, but DH thinks it won't be big enough. Whatever... like I said.. he's gonna be doing the work, so whatever he wants to do, I guess.

Speaking of DH..... I never wanted to smother him as much as I did last night lol.
I've been getting super tired lately even though I've been sleeping ok.
Guess it's just pregnancy related.
Anyway... I went to bed at 8pm last night. Didn't actually get to sleep until.. probably 8:30, but that's still about an hour early.
I wake up around 1am and can not get back in to that deep sleep that I desperately need b/c everything seemed to be against me.
Oren kept waking up and fussing.
My throat kept drying out.
I kept needing to pee bc I kept drinking to combat the dry throat...
And DH.... DH's snoring was extra bad last night. If he would just keep at a quiet soft snore... that would be fine and enough for me to ignore to get to sleep. But oh no.... he'll start off low and then quickly the volume gets ramped up and he's snorting and just letting out these loud ass snores that make me want to smother him with a pillow. Not until he dies... just until he stops snoring :P lol
was just SO frustrated last night b/c I was so SO tired but everything was keeping me awake :(

Anyway... hope tonight is better.

I did have a weird half awake/asleep dream this morning. I'm not sure how much of it was dream or real.
I put my hand on my baby bump and felt really light movement. That's the part that I'm not sure if it was real or not. The definite dream part though was when I moved my hand down a little and felt a gigantic baby head through the bump. Like.. the size of Oren's head now lol.
It was still a pretty neat dream though and made me happy in the dream :)

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