Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Sunday/Easter!!

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday. Sitting at home like the heathen I am and damn happy to have some peace for a couple of hours lol.

Sorry religions... you're just not for me, but all the candy and stuff is fun :P

We did take Zoe to the Easter egg hunt at their church. It was a bit chaotic, but they did a good job making sure everyone got equal amounts of everything. They did this little religious scavenger hunt thing and had a basket of eggs at each spot that the kids would take 1 egg out of. So all the kids got 8 eggs each and then traded them in for candy and goodies.
Much much much much better than just hiding them and the older kids hogging everything.
It was a lot of work getting the kids to quiet down though... and a lot of walking around everywhere to find all the baskets lol.

I did get to meet one of Zoe's little friends that she plays with at her Wednesday night thing at the church. An adorable little 2yo girl that is being raised by her grandmother. Grandmother decided to share that her daughter is a drug addict and the father is in jail. Yikes. At least that girl has a wonderful granny to take care of her though.
She told DH that the girl used to be super shy but since bringing her to the Wed night thing and since Zoe befriended her, she's opened up quite a bit. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Just really happy that Zoe has a friend and is possibly helping the little girl come out of her shell. Really hope they grow up and stay friends :)

It's a bit wet outside so don't think we'll be hiding the eggs outside. We dyed some boiled eggs last night. I definitely over boiled them b/c holy hell does the fridge smell like a giant fart!! Every time you open the fridge, it smells like someone stuff their asshole right on your nose and farted. It's SO dang gross.
Didn't think I had overcooked them, but guess I did /barf

Oh well... there are a bunch of plastic eggs for Zoe to find :)
I just need to clean up a little bit before they get home.

So on Friday.. we decided to take Oren's pacifiers away. Don't think I've mentioned that yet. DH and I started talking about the way his teeth are coming in and just decided that we should take them away cold turkey now before more damage is done.
Oren definitely has that thumb sucker look to his teeth and we're hoping that taking the paci's away now will help his teeth come in a bit straighter. If not.. it's not a huge deal or anything, just means he'll need braces which will suck for him and our wallet lol.
That first night sucked and naps have been sucking too.

 Day 2 of no paci was rough. He cried for about 20 minutes before finally falling asleep.
Put him down for the night and miraculously he only whined for a few seconds and went to sleep. WOO! Victory!!!! Or so we thought.
He started fussing at around 11. I got up and checked on him to make sure he was covered. Yeah... that was the wrong thing to do b/c he woke up and was NOT happy that he had no paci.
He cried for 24mins straight. That was torture.
I literally got a headache and felt nauseous b/c of his crying. It was making me sick.... almost to the point of needing to throw up. UGH it was awful and I felt so bad :( Knew that if I went and checked on him though, it would only make matters worse and drag it out more.

He is SO stubborn and we (I) didn't really prepare him for less/no paci so this is going to be a tough time with a not so happy baby boy.

Speaking of baby boy.... he had himself a nice big poosplosion on Friday!!
I picked him up and we all were having such a nice giggly family moment. He was on one side of my lap, Zoe was on the other. I was tickling them and giving them kisses. Just a really sweet moment.
Then I smelled poop. Ok.. so he pooped his diaper. No big deal.
I shift my hand a little about to get up to change him... and oh no... it was a big deal. I shifted my hand right in to the poop that was going up his back. Knew exactly what it was the instant my hand touched it.
Cue the freakout!!!
I was trying so hard not to smear it more on him and on myself. Finally just had to say screw it and had to put my hand directly on to it to keep him from slipping.
Oh.. and there was definitely a nice biggish spot of poop on the chair where he had been leaning. Thank goodness for leather chairs b/c it was easy to wash off.
Got Zoe to grab a towel that was thankfully right on the floor and off we went to his room so I could clean him up for a bath.
Taking a poo covered shirt off a big headed baby..... not something I particularly want to do again. I tried my best not to get more poop on him, but it was impossible. It smeared the rest of the way up his back and on to his arms /vomit
THEN!! As I was cleaning him up with his diaper under him... baby boy decided that then would be a good time to start grabbing for his diaper and promptly stuck his hand right in to poo and rub it on himself.
He was covered from thigh to head in poo....... SO MUCH POO.
My first instinct was to swat his hand away which I did (Not soon enough) and of course he didn't like that so started crying.
Zoe lectured me and told me not to spank her brother lol, awww. I did feel bad for doing it, but it was just a quick light tap on his hand to get him to let go of the diaper.
I cleaned up as much as possible, plopped his naked butt on the floor and cleaned up all the other poo messes while the tub filled.
Just..... ew.... ew ew ew ew ew.

And yesterday, we started payments on the crib and dresser. We went with the modern looking one we were eyeballing before (I'll find some photos of it later). But this time, they had gotten more colors in so yay for more options :D lol
You can get the crib all in one color, but there's an option to make it 2 different ones and that's what we did.
We got the main parts of the crib in a darkish wood tone. Since it's a convertible crib, we wanted the wood tone for when the baby grows up and it's switched to a regular bed. The headboard and footboard will be 'normal' colors. It will be more neutral and not so funky.
And the side parts in this pretty olive green color :D
But for the dresser, we did the main part in the green and the drawers in the wood tone.
And part of the sale they were having, we got a free changing table tray and got that in wood tone too.
OH and also got a toddler rail for free and got it in wood tone too. :)
It was..... so expensive. SO SO expensive and we had to put 30% down on it which was a huge chunk of change. But at least we'll have 3 months to pay on it and it takes about 12 weeks to actually get the pieces in. I guess they make them to order?
That's not a big deal though since baby will be rooming with us to begin with anyway. So even if there is a delay and it comes after... meh.

Now just to figure out the colors for the room. Originally wanted maybe a light green color since DH still wants to do a bamboo/panda theme, but with the crib being partially green... I'm not sure that would look good.
We'll see. Plenty of time to think of all that since nothing is going to be painted until the room is actually complete anyway.

With that big purchase, the room, all the backyard stuff..... we're going to go through all of our savings. I mean, that's what it's there for but still... ouch!
DH said to wave byebye to Disney lol.
Disney isn't going to happen for at least another 4 years so I'm not worried about saving up for it.  Plus I know he wants to wait for all the other kids to be old enough to enjoy it too, so realistically, I think Disney may not happen until 5years from now. New niece and this baby will be 4 and 5, all the other kids will definitely be old enough to enjoy it and hopefully will give everyone a chance to save up enough money to make it one giant family fun vacation :D
We just need to tell everyone so they can start saving or planning for it or something.
I'm still determined and want to stay in a hotel in one of the parks. DH wants to stay in one at the Animal Kingdom. Think the balconies face in to their wilderness areas where you can see the animals? Or at least that's what some of the photos looked like. If so.. that would be really cool :D
But yeah.. that's just a ton of money we'll have to save for that experience.

We're definitely going to have to pinch pennies now though. Reduce our spending a good bit.
Family of 5 (holy crap that's happening) and a new car payment... we're not gonna be able to spend money like we have been. Not that we spend money all care free, but we do sometimes get things we don't need. Just have to step back and think "Do we really need this or need it right now?"
It shouldn't be too hard though. Like I said.. we've reduced our spending a lot from what we used to spend before so taking it down another notch or 2 shouldn't be a big deal.

Anywho.... enough of all that. Really need to gets to cleaning while I'm thinking about it :) Will take and post pictures hopefully some time this week. lol
Probably not tomorrow.... DH is off and I have my appointment. So yeah... photos of baby and my other 2 babies will all get posted at once :D Really hope we get some good shots tomorrow!!!
SQUEEEEEE I can't wait to see my new LO!!!

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