Sunday, March 20, 2016

A party afterall :)

It was kind of decided for us Friday night that we were going to have a party for Oren lol. Inlaws were a bit upset that we weren't going to do anything, so we decided to just go ahead and do something.
Not like we had anything extravagant planned anyway so not that difficult to pull off :)
It was fun though and all the kids and family seemed to have a great time.
We didn't get him his own smash cake. DH cut out his name from the cake we got and gave that piece to him.
Absolutely no hesitation on Oren's part. He dug right in to it and chowed down lol. He really didn't eat a lot of it though. Just had a few tiny fist full and played with the rest until he got distracted by someone lol.
I did get some pictures which I'll probably post tomorrow :)

I am HUNGRY. My appetite has increased significantly and I want to eat a lot so long as it's not super heavy/fatty food.
Friday we went to Chinese buffet and as most Americans know... Chinese US buffet equals a lot of fried super sweet sauces and whatnot. Yeah... that really didn't matter that night... I had 2 plates, plus a plate and bowl of dessert and I could've eaten more. I did have a lot of lighter options like broccoli and mushrooms, but I still could've eaten at least 1 more plate of food. I didn't want to push my luck though and eat too much so I stopped myself lol.

Told DH that before I have my GD test done that I want to go to this southern food buffet called Golden Corral(sp?). It's actually not my fav place b/c it's SO damn busy and their set up is awful, but the food is good... well.... if you like southern comfort foods. We'd have to go on a day that wasn't busy but yeah... we're going damnit! lol

Bought the kids some shoes yesterday! YAY! Also bought them swimsuits and Zoe a book :)
All 2nd hand stuff.... still came out to just over $50. Yikes lol.
But still... they definitely needed the shoes. Oren not so much, but definitely Zoe.
Really didn't have a big selection of size 9 stuff, but we found some really cute shoes.
One pair.. we paid 6.50 for. They came from Old Navy, gold/light brown/tan color with a fox face on them. They're SO stinking cute and Zoe absolutely loves them. :)
Oren wasn't too happy with his shoes lol, but oh well ;)
I think he's in size 3's right now? Maybe 4.... I can't remember which size.
It was INSANE the shoes we saw in the boys section though. Brand spankin new baby Air Jordans, Nike, etc etc. People pay some ridiculous prices on those things... just for their baby not to wear them. Absolutely crazy.
There were some brand new hiking type looking baby boots that we would've loved to have gotten, except for the fact that they were way too tight and we couldn't get them on to Oren's chubby baby feet. I imagine that was the problem the original owner of the shoes had lol.
There is just no point in spending a ton on that stuff though. We all do it in one way or another though.... whether it be shoes or buying tons of clothes that they'll wear once or never before growing out of them lol.

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