Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Well that was a nice dream

So last night, I had the most pleasant dream about Chris Pratt. Him and Paul Rudd are totally my celebrity crushes lol. They just both seem like such great people IRL and funny too.
Anywho... no... it wasn't a sexual dream.. although that would've been nice too :P lol
I dreamt that he was filming a movie locally so I convinced DH to go to the area in hopes of spotting him. And we did! So I shyly go up all star struck and ask if I can take a picture with him.
We get a group photo with him and then I get some pics with him alone. The camera on the phone was going so slow, but that was ok b/c he was totally cool in the dream and even joked around and put my hand on his butt.

Sigh... it was a nice dream lol. Totally fangirling over it :D

Oren is still not happy about no paci for sleep. He's not crying for as long, but MAN is it some angry crying. Poor boy, but he's gotta learn to live without it.

OH! And his first official word is..... Yogurt. ROFL
Seriously.... I was feeding it to him last week and kept telling him it was yogurt and all of a sudden he repeated it back to me.
Of course it comes out more like "Yo-geh!" It's so stinking cute :D I'll try to get video of it one day.
I'm pretty sure he does say words.. or at least.. his own version of words :P lol
He'll sometimes say Dada. Only seems like he says that when looking for daddy and he'll say it in a questioning way wondering where he is. Dada? DADA?? heh

He's good though... other than his constantly runny nose. Pretty sure it's just the pollen, but sucks that he is being affected by it. It could be worse though.

So come to find out that the Tresemme Naturals conditioner was discontinued. It figures :\
BUT they have 2 other conditioners that are silicone free that I'm trying. One smells like coconuts which I hate, but can live with and the other seems to be more for wavy/curly hair. Not sure how that will be with my hair and hope there's no funky buildup.

Gotta go back to the dentist tomorrow. Joy :\ Actually have to go back to the regular dentist, then to a surgeon to hopefully get the broken tooth removed and talk about getting a replacement. UGH the replacement is going to be so darn expensive. DOn't even want to think about how much it's going to cost.
Dental work just costs too damn much!!!

I've abandoned flossing a few areas of my mouth... like between my 2 front upper teeth. They must have cut something while scraping under the gums b/c it hurts... HURTS like hell when I floss in that area. I mean hurts to the point of instant cussing and doubling over. It doesn't bother me any other time though thankfully.

And the gums in the back are still pretty achy after flossing and ache for a little while afterward. Frickin flossing.... flossing sucks.

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