Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Before the storm

(this first chunk is from yesterday. Decided to just wait until today to post it and add more )

Dopplered this morning b/c I've been worried about movement. I'm pretty sure I've been feeling faint movement for the last couple of days, but I dunno.. I was still worried that it wasn't actually the baby.
Freaked myself out b/c I checked where I had heard the HB last and heard absolutely nothing. Moved it all around the area and angled down on the pooch and still nothing. Was about to give up until I just decided WTH and stuck the probe right above my waistline and there it was, clear as day. That beautiful little heartbeat.
Think baby was sleeping b/c I didn't hear any movement, but that's ok lol. Scared me for a moment there LO!

Just so surprised that baby is that high up already. I mean obviously baby still has some room in there to move, just thought everything was still lower.

So nervous for my dental appointment. Just dreading to hear all of the things wrong with my teeth, but also relieved too.
I just want that one tooth removed and that area patched up so it's not so sensitive anymore. And I know my wisdom teeth will have to wait to be removed until after birth... not sure about while I'm pumping, but if so, then that won't happen until probably December or even early 2017.
And uuuuugh, the money. I know there are a ton of people out there that haven't gone to the dentist for as long or longer than myself b/c it's just so damn expensive and even if you do have dental insurance (which we do), it sucks balls and doesn't cover shit (which ours doesn't).
I'll report back probably tomorrow with what went on.

Even though I am nervous.... it didn't have any impact on my sleep. I slept heavy and great last night. Well... I did wake up quite a few times to pee, but I got back to sleep pretty quick. It was great! Just wish the kids would sleep in so I could too lol.
Still feels like I could sleep another couple hours. Oh that would be heaven.
Need to get used to this b/c I'll never sleep well again until these kids are much much older....... /sob

So I co-wash (conditioner wash) my hair. I've been using Tresemme natural conditioner which has been working out great, but frickin grocery store has stopped carrying it for some reason.
Couldn't find it at the grocery store or at Wal Mart or at Target. SO I saw some Garnier Pure Clean conditioner that was silicone free.. just what you need to co-wash.
Side note... if there are silicones, they will build up in your hair and make it feel very weighed down and gross.
Anywho... was excited to find something and... after using it a total of 3 times... it's getting thrown away.
That stuff is SHIT. It smells nice and that's about the only good thing I can say about it.
With something being silicone free... I don't expect it to condition as well as something that has that in it.... this stuff is so thin that you might as well just use water to try to condition your hair.
BUT that's if the water was full of greasy oily waxy gunk that gets stuck in your hair.
Yeah.... that Pure Clean shit made my hair feel like I hadn't washed it for a week. It left it clumpy and greasy feeling. It was SO frickin gross.
I at first thought I just hadn't rinsed it out enough, but no.... it's that stuff just being shit.
So yeah... Don't get that stuff people!!!
And if you know of a cheap silicone free conditioner that doesn't smell like coconuts.. please do share :D Preferably something that is normally available everywhere and not just online.

Mister Booger face is awake. Gotta go get him before he starts getting upset lol
And I swear... the pics are gonna be posted soon!

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