Friday, March 11, 2016

Taking a break

Started cleaning and taking a break.
There's just so much more to do /sob
It doesn't even look like I've done anything... that's the bad part! lol
Ok so it looks like I did clean some, but not nearly as much as what I have done.
Good grief... you don't realize how dirty your house is until you have company coming over :P lol

I let Oren roam around the house while I cleaned and the boy is destructive!! You're only one little dude.. you're not supposed to be this bad yet!
Thankfully most of his time was spent in Zoe's room playing with her toys, but when he got to wandering the rest of the house or following me.... frickin little path of destruction wherever he went.
He's gonna be a little tornado when he starts walking on his own and when he's older. Uuuuuugh, I can feel the headache now lol.

We were going to start replacing his formula with milk..... yeah.. that worked once today b/c we don't have enough milk to do it again rofl. Oops. I had to open up another can of formula which I know DH didn't want to do, but oh well. Wasn't gonna let my baby starve.

Zoe's been my somewhat good little helper today :D Sure, I have to tell/ask her to do something a dozen times, but it's still something and hopefully teaching her something too. Just don't want her to grow up to be a slob... like me ;) lol
Ok I'm not totally a slob, but just want her to not be quite as lazy as I can be :D

Alrighty... gonna go heat up some leftovers, watch a little bit of netflix and then get back to work!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Will post more pics of Oren from his party... probably Sunday, maybe Monday.

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