Friday, March 11, 2016

Shots and whatnot

Oren's appointment went well. Well... for the most part.
He got 3 vaccinations and stuck in the toe to check his iron level. Oren is definitely a bleeder. He bled SO much from his toe. He didn't cry from it though.
He sure did cry from the vaccinations though. Poor Zoe got a bit traumatized by it. He started crying and she started getting all distressed and kept saying "Don't hurt him!" Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
She's such a great big sister! And it was so sweet that she didn't want him to get hurt. It was a little difficult to explain to her that the shots were a good thing, but I think she eventually got it once he stopped crying and she saw that he was ok.

We headed to Publix after to look at their cakes. We wanted to get the single number cake, but it only came in one size and it was way too small. Asked if it could be done larger, but nope.. just the one size. Seriously Publix?? You can't frickin cut out a larger number for a bigger cake??
We just decided that we're gonna get one of the premade cakes and get them to write, Happy Birthday, on it. Just gotta hope they have some when we go to buy it. There's another Publix not too far from the one we went to so we can always go check that one too if need be.

I also finally got a call from doctor's office and my quad screen came back normal. Didn't get specifics but with that test... can't really get too specific. A normal diagnosis is enough for me right now :)

And I found the heartbeat last night before bed! YAY! When I looked in the morning, I checked low down where I had found it before. This time, I checked right in the middle of my pooch... just pressed a bit hard and there it was. The little horse trot with some movement sounds :)
And I'm fairly certain I felt movement at my bellybutton too. :D


Got some cleaning done yesterday. Not everything, but a decent amount. Just need to clean the living room and clean some of the carpet. Not going to bother doing all of it. Not with all of the people coming over and the shoes being worn inside.
Just need to clean a couple of stains up from dropped food..... so many stains from dropped food lol.

Difficult to clean though when it's getting warm and we don't want to turn the AC on yet lol. It went from super cold to too frickin hot. Gotta love Southern weather *grumble*

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