Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Just waiting

It's currently just after noon and just sitting here waiting for the time to go so I can go to my appointment.
I'll try posting an update tonight with all the boring stuff that happened lol.

I THINK I may have been feeling baby move for the last few nights.
Laying on my left side, I kept feeling nudges hitting the bed. Thought it was just gas, but it kept happening the next night and last night too.
Still not really sure if it was baby or if it was just gas or something. Would be great if it was the baby :D It's so hard to tell this early on.. specially when you have a giant fatpack that's blocking a lot of the early movements. lol

OH! We went out with inlaws for dinner on Saturday. I got up to go to the salad bar and while there, aunt was playing with Oren and standing him up on the table.
Apparently, while I was gone, he actually stood on his own for a good 30seconds.
Sucks that I didn't see it, but YAY OREN! :D I knew he could do it.. he just has to get that confidence up I guess lol. Actually really surprised he hasn't tried walking yet. He follows Zoe all around so figured he'd try to walk to follow her better, but guess he's happy crawling for now lol.
Would not doubt if he ends up like his big sister and doesn't walk until he's well over a year old lol.

DH told me last night that apparently Zoe has been telling the people at church that I'm pregnant again lol. It's so cute and sweet. She loves her brother so much (most of the time) and I know she's excited to get another buddy. Oren seems to really like other kids too (loved it when I was babysitting his cousin) so I think he's gonna be great with his little brother/sister. At least I'm hoping so.
Gosh... I hope so lol.

Cold has devolved in to constant coughing. Most of the time it's just a small little cough to get rid of the tickle, but sometimes the little cough triggers a bigger horrible one that ends up with me peeing on myself a little and gagging. Awesome.
Humidifiers definitely helped last night. My mouth and throat did dry out some, but that wasn't until much later than it's been doing previously.
I also took some tylenol before bed b/c my throat was really bothering me bc of the coughing and that helped too until around 2 or 3 when it wore off.

Morning sickness was bad this morning. Ate breakfast and threw up about 2/3 of it. Awesome :\

Having some funky pregnancy dreams when I actually sleep well.
Night before last, I dreamt that SiL (the one that just had a baby), was married to Chris Pratt lol. Her hubs and the actor share a first name, but other than that.. lol.. no. Was just a funny dream b/c I kept trying to think of ways where I could casually bring up that Chris Pratt was my BiL to everyone LOL.


Speaking of SiL though.... her baby is so stinkin cute!!! The first few pics that I saw, the baby looked like SiL, but some more recent ones.. the baby definitely looks a lot like the daddy. Just a really cute combination of mommy and daddy.. with lots of cute ginger hair :D Really hope she keeps it as she gets older!

Been working on the letters that SiL wanted me to do. She had wanted me to actually paint Dumbo pics on to letters, but no....
Decided to erm... decoupage(sp?) some printed off Dumbo pics instead. Only have a couple of letters done so far. Takes a while when I have to mom and wait for things to dry lol. Baby isn't going anywhere though so hope she doesn't mind if they're a bit late getting them heh.
I am having to go back and touch up the printed pictures. But it's not a huge deal and just involves carefully tracing. Hope she likes them :)

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