Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Not much really to talk about with the appointment. Just very routine and boring.
The doc did doppler, but I'm not sure she actually heard the baby. She was trying, but for some reason didn't lay me back like they usually have to do b/c of my pooch. She didn't say anything though so *shrugs* Guess I'll have to try to pick up the heartbeat at home.
I got blood taken for the quad screen. I remembered that I got it with Oren. I remembered getting the phone call saying everything was ok. Hopefully that will be the case this time too.
And yeah... that was pretty much it.
My 20w scan is at the end of the month and I can't wait to see this LO! Sucks that we won't know the gender, but oh well.
MiL joked that she was going to come with us and get the tech to tell her the gender :P lol

Came home and my throat started hurting again. I really hope this is just irritation caused by dryness, sinus drainage, swallowing and coughing and not anything more serious. It's painful as hell especially with the continued coughing and that damn incessant need to swallow b/c of the stuck mucus. It's just so painful and irritated and raw feeling. I can feel it all the way up to my ears :(
Waited as long as I could before taking more tylenol. I made it to a little after 7 and am hoping that will be enough to get through most of the night without having to take more. We'll see though.


And yeah... think that's about it for now :) Hopefully I'll come back tomorrow or whenever to say the cold is gone, my throat feels better and I actually got a good nights rest which I haven't gotten in, oh.... a year now lol. It is really surprising just how well your body can function on so little sleep.

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