Thursday, March 17, 2016

Yay, he's better :)

Oren is much better this morning. He had a rough night at the start. He woke up a few times between 11 and 1, but then slept through until 6am. Fed him a small bottle of formula and took his temp and thankfully he kept it down and temp was normal. PHEW!
He slept in until 8am and woke up happy and fine.
So glad that whatever was going on ran its course quickly. Dunno what the heck it was, but just glad it didn't linger. He was so miserable yesterday and I didn't want to see him suffering like that today.
Anywho! So yay for that :)

I did manage to clean up the puke spots this morning thankfully too. Had to... it reeked in his room even with the window open and the ceiling fan going.
Definitely had to clean the spots in the living room, but couldn't do the whole area like I wanted. Didn't realize that we were running low on the shampoo stuff. Oh well. I ordered more so will be able to do that once it comes in.

So yeah.. overall, it's been a good morning so far :D
No sick baby, no pukey smell!

Oh well.. the tub in their bathroom is clogged. That sucks. It never drained that well to begin with and now it's draining at a snail's pace. We don't have any drain cleaner stuff, so that's gonna have to be bought this weekend. Need to get DH to borrow a snake from his dad. See if that helps to clear out whatever is blocking it.

Alrighty... think I'm gonna make some brownies... well.. if we have enough stuff.
Should... although it will probably use up the rest of the eggs. Oh well.

Also need to start cleaning out my closet. I know DH is going to be itching to start doing whatever for that room very soon.

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