Monday, March 7, 2016

Just stupid... rant incoming

Why have women convinced themselves that getting a c-section is the worst possible outcome??? Have we just become so GD stupid that we forget that ya know... killing or injuring baby or hell, killing or injuring the mother is worse than having to get a c-section??
WHY do women put so much importance on pushing a baby out of their vaginas now? It doesn't make you more of a woman for doing it. It doesn't make you less of a woman if you need a c-section.

I'm not ragging on women just wanting to go for a natural birth. If that's what you want.. go for it and I hope it works out for you!

I'm talking about the ones that try absolutely stupid dangeous things to avoid a c-section. Like the dumbass in my new august DD group who had 3 unassisted births at home b/c she couldn't find a healthcare provider that agreed with what she was doing. UHM.... HELLO DUMBASS... there was probably some good frickin reasons why you couldn't even get a GD midwife to take you on as a client, but your dumbass self thought you knew better than trained people so you risked your life along with your children's lives to push a baby out of your vagina. Good job for being a dumbass, dumbass.
And of course everyone like her uses the same excuse for not wanting to birth in a hospital. How our bodies know what to do. How they want to avoid the "cascade of interventions" and blahblahblah.

It's just frustrating that these women are the ones that usually influence others to follow in their footsteps. That create such stupid ridiculous birth fantasies that they have blinders on to the very real dangers of what could happen just b/c they have vagina tunnel vision and MUST push that baby out of their vagina b/c it makes them feel more like a woman or some shit.

I know the Skeptical OB is a controversial figure, but she posted one story recently of a woman that had an unassisted homebirth. Her baby DIED, but there that woman was, still congratulating herself and her success at pushing the baby out of her vagina just like she wanted. Nevermind that her baby was dead or anything.
And I've actually seen a lot of women just like that woman. Dead or injured baby (most of the time avoidable), but hey... lets pat them on the back for birthing the baby vaginally!
And then you have  the dumbasses that spout off that the baby was meant to die or that they would've died in the hospital. WHAT????
Just ugh... plain and simple.... Just.... UGH.

C-sections are not the devil. Doctors and nurses are not Satan worshipers just looking to cut you open. Pain relief is not going to make you a junkie and not bond with your baby.
Just stop being a dumbass!

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