Monday, March 14, 2016

Stupid daylight savings

We really need to start transitioning the kids to get them back on their normal sleep times b/c them staying up an hour later isn't gonna work. Mommy and daddy need some quiet time! lol

Will probably try to do it slowly.. putting them to bed earlier and earlier until they're at their normal times again.
Stupid daylight savings. Why the hell are we even still doing that shit?

DH and I are thinking that we're just not going to do a party for Oren. It's not like we had anything super special planned anyway. We are still going to get a cake (MUAHAHAHA) b/c I do still want pics of Oren digging in to a piece lol.

Speaking of Oren... boy just had a mini poosplosion. Only up his back a little, but still.... ew.
Hopefully now that he's off the antibiotics, his poos will go back to being stinky turd bombs instead of liquid assplosions.

I really want to get the car thing done and over with.
1) b/c well.. getting a new car is always exciting.
2) just want to stop worrying about it
3) Need to get used to driving it
Mostly I just want to stop stressing about it though.

WTF weather!
It's getting to 82 today (not too bad), then 84 then 85. Then on friday, it's supposed to get back to 70. Come on! Don't do this hot shit then back to what it SHOULD be right now. Stupid southern weather.
I know lots of people would love it to be this warm, but no..... warm weather sucks balls. Hot natured, baby furnace and an AC that we shouldn't use until it's cleaned. UUUUUUUUUGH.
Well... good thing at least... it's nice out and I can actually let the kids run around out front a bit. Get them some Vit D and exercise instead of being cooped up indoors all day.
Only bad thing about having dogs... I would let the kids out back a lot more if it wasn't for all the poop. Sure.. I clean it as much as possible, but it's still a yard tainted with poop and pee.
Can't wait to have a deck or patio. At least then they'll have an area they can go out on to to play.

Oren figured out how to climb up his slide. He didn't quite figure out how to get down though. Gave me mini heart attacks every time. He did manage to get down twice, but they were all head first. :P He didn't hurt himself.. it was slow and on to a blanket I had put down lol.

Really wish Netflix would stop with this "collection" BS. Go back to what it used to be and put the entire show seasons on!! I'm totally addicted to all of those HGTV shows and it sucks that it's only a fraction of them! BOOOOOOOOO

Thought my throat was getting sore again. Or well.. it actually was pretty sore yesterday. Thought the strep had come back, but thankfully it feels fine today so far. I did have a bad coughing fit the night before and this continued dry throat mess isn't helping. PLus I had a couple of diet sodas and the fizz seems to irritate my throat so that wasn't helping.
Was dreading having to call up that doctor's office again b/c I didn't want to have to drag the kids in if they needed me to come back.
But thankfully it doesn't seem to be strep again so.. YAY :D

Found the heartbeat again last night and actually felt a kick too! It was a really like thumb when I was trying to find the HB, but I heard the sound of movement and felt the movement at the same time :)
So cool :D
Baby seems to have moved up even more too. Found the HB right at the top of my pooch and felt the movement at my waistline.
Same as it was the previous 2 pregnancies... it's going fast, but also slow too.
I still can't believe we're having another lol.
3..... 3 kids!! Wow....
Don't think I would've ever thought this was possible when we were struggling to get pregnant that first time.
Still freaking out a bit, but just so happy :)

Ok... I think I'm done rambling lol

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