Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Yay little baby! :D

SO my 20w appointment was yesterday and it went really well :D
Didn't have a peek at the bits. She didn't even go near that area when she was looking at everything lol. OH well.
Before I go further... pic!

Actually got a really good profile shot for once! YAY!
Just so amazing what you can see on the u/s. Baby seemed to be sleeping. He/she would move a little, but not much.
BPM was 148, but she couldn't get a good visual on the heart so I'll be getting another u/s before I take the glucose test at my next appointment. Hey... another chance to see baby? Yes please!
But other than that, she said everything looked great and baby was measuring a little ahead and already weighed about 1lb :D
It was so cool when she was trying to look at the nose/mouth. Just so cool how clear that image was and baby was moving its mouth so awwwwwww.

Oh... my weight did jump up 6lbs!!! YIKES lol. Not that surprising considering my increased appetite, but still.... YIKES lol. Need to put down the carbs and pick up some damn veggies instead rofl.

Zoe fell off our bed this morning. Lol.. I mean... awwww :P
She woke up, but I wasn't ready to get up so brought her to bed with me. She usually doesn't move too much if she falls asleep, but I guess she did this time b/c all of a sudden, I hear a THUMP and then her crying rofl. Our bed is pretty high, but she was fine, just startled.

Oren has also figured out how to go up the pet steps that go up to the bed. Went in to our room yesterday and saw him happy as can be up on our bed going after the cat lol. He was so happy and proud of himself lol. Stopped my heart for a moment though :P

Apparently DH promised Zoe that we'd go to the zoo next Monday lol. He took her to the DMV and Home Depot and for some reason she thought they were going to the zoo and started talking about all the animals she was going to see. Awwww. Guess he felt guilty so told her we would go :P
That's cool with me though. Hopefully it will be a nice day and not too busy.

We did want to take her to Frozen on Ice. Yeah... don't frickin think so after seeing the prices of good seats!! It would cost us over $200 for the 3 of us to sit in a decent row. What the F ever. We are not paying that much on that mess. Not unless it comes with a giant bag of goodies for everyone... yeah right. That is just ridiculous.
Zoe would love it, but we'll wait until she actually asks to go to MAYBE go.

And finally... DH bought some wood and the door to the room yesterday. He said we're probably going to be spending about 200-500 more on the room. I don't think that's too bad. It's converting an unused space in to another room which will add a lot of value to the house IMO. Not that we'll be moving anytime soon :P lol
But come on... who the heck uses a formal living room for that purpose anymore??
Heck, before we put in exercise equipment in to the room, it was getting used for storage.
It's the 'adult' space in all of those HGTV shows that always look so pretty and everyone says they want, but probably never end up using... or well.. it's used after they plop a nice big TV in to the room lol.

Also cleaned out my closet and took down the racks. Have a lot of stuff to go through, but still don't think there was that much in there. Just a lot of craft items which takes up a ton of room. Need more of those plastic storage drawers to help organize it all once he sections the closet off. I liked my closet... nice big walk in that most folks would love to have, but I really didn't need ALL of that room.

Oh and I promise to post photos hopefully later today. Just being lazy and not entirely sure where the camera is atm lol.

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