Friday, March 18, 2016

Boy... you better stop with that nonsense

So Oren is still doing great. Never got sick again thank goodness.
He took a very long first nap and woke up a bit later than normal from it so decided not to put him down for a 2nd nap.
He started acting tired and fussy at around 4, so figured he'd go down NP for the night at his normal bedtime.
NOPE! The boy screamed and angry cried for an hour!! He hadn't had a bottle in a while. We haven't really been giving him once since we've been giving him more solids and getting him to drink water.
Decided to give him a bottle... he would drink a sip and then start wailing again.
Finally just let him cry for a good 20 minutes before DH tried giving him his bottle again which he FINALLY took.
He started crying again for another minute or so and eventually went to sleep.
Just.... UGH! lol

I just don't understand kids and their resistance to sleep when they're sleepy! Just sleep damnit! lol

I don't think I rinsed out the conditioner from Zoe's hair yesterday. Oops. Sent her to bed w/ wet hair... she woke up with some serious bed head.
Brushed it and it did nothing lol. Feeling it though... it definitely feels like I didn't rinse it enough.
Going to have to wash her hair again. Oh well. She likes the water so won't be a big deal lol.

DH definitely wants to start working on the baby's room this weekend. Excited to see that get started :D

Pretty sure I was feeling some little kicks last night against the bed. YAY baby! Keep getting stronger :D
19w today. Hard to believe that I'm already almost at the half way mark.
Well, looking at how big my belly is.. you'd think I was much further along lol.

We're going to have to go shoe shopping for Zoe this weekend too. Her feet are too big for the majority of her shoes now. Not looking forward to it, but can't let her run around barefoot everywhere either ;)

Dentist appointment on Tuesday. UUUUUUUUUUUUGH.... I am not looking forward to hearing about what is wrong with my teeth. I know there is a ton wrong, but just getting confirmation and hearing what will need to be done.... ugh.
My teeth don't bother me most of the time... it's just that one tooth that broke that is causing some problems and every once in a while, the gums around my wisdom teeth get irritated.
Oh I'm sure there's more wrong than that though.... so much more......
Wish my teeth luck!!

Zoe is also going on Tuesday for the first time :) Her teeth look fine except for that one she chipped when she was still a baby. It's only a tiny chip though and barely noticeable. I'm sure her appointment will go well.

Speaking of teeth... we really need to take away Oren's pacifier. His teeth definitely have that thumb sucker look to them which I'm not thrilled about. But he is more attached to his pacifiers now than he ever was. Just going to have to let him cry and not give it to him while he's awake.

Speaking of awake... hear him talking on the monitor. Momma's little monster is awake lol :D

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