Friday, March 25, 2016

Hope today is better

Man.... everything the kids did yesterday that was even slightly annoying got on my last dang nerve. I was not the best mom yesterday and just hoping that my attitude today is better. Or at least, I'm going to try to be better.
Do not like being so snippy with my kiddos when they're really not doing anything that bad. Makes me feel so guilty.
Oh mom guilt..... you dirty bitch.

Need to boil some eggs. After the church egg hunt tomorrow and then nursery furniture shopping, we plan on dying some eggs for Sunday :) OH yeah.. we also have to grocery shop tomorrow too. Bleh.
It's gonna be a full day but hopefully relaxing and fun once we get home to dye some eggs :)
Not really sure how many to dye... maybe 2 dozen. Not sure if family wants to do anything special on Sunday. Should be seeing them tonight so will ask then.

I really want to make Prime Rib for everyone. The meat is just so darn expensive though. BUT with 2 failed attempts by aunt and DH's uncle... I want to try it myself.
I knew both were doing it wrong without actually knowing how to make it myself lol. But logic and even a tiny amount of cooking knowledge would tell you that cooking a big hunk of meat low and slow is going to equal pot roast and that's exactly what we got both times.
You would think in this day and age that they would've bothered to look up the directions online somewhere. Especially since the cut of meat is so damn expensive.
It took me all of 30 seconds to find instructions and every one that I've come across is the same exact as the last one.
Bring meat to room temp. Add seasoning to the outside.
Cook it in a 500 degree oven for 5min per pound (for medium rare doneness). Once that time is done... turn the oven off and leave in the oven for 2 hours. TADA! Nice and easy.

Doubt I'll be making it though... like I keep saying.. the cut of meat is SO dang expensive and not sure we'll want to spend that after having to put 30% down on the furniture. lol OH well... maybe one day :)

Still not feeling consistent or very strong movement. I feel it more now when I'm sitting in the living room but usually only if the baby hits my bladder or in that general area. Haven't felt much of anything when laying down to sleep. Will rarely feel it if I wake in the night and I'm trying to get back to sleep.
Kind of sucks but also meh.. not that much. Just figured that with a 3rd.. I'd be feeling movement super early and would be able to recognize it etc, but nope... not the case at all lol. Oh well... I'll be feeling those strong kicks and movements soon enough on a regular basis and wishing baby would stop using my bladder as a punching bag lol.

So excited for Monday! Can not wait to see baby again. Feels like it has been forever. Just want to make sure everything is ok. Again... 3rd time around.. figured I wouldn't be so paranoid, but feels like I'm more paranoid now than I was before.
Plus... I am feeling a little disconnected this time around too and think seeing our baby again will really help the bonding.
I'm not afraid that I'll have trouble bonding once baby is here or anything, just right now... it's just hard to get that connection when you have 2 other kids to look after. Hope that doesn't make me sound like a horrible person.

We told everyone our name choices. Not sure why but aunt keeps calling the baby by one of the girl middle names (Felicity). Ok.... baby could be a girl, but that would be the middle name.. not the first name. She did that shit with Oren too. She didn't like his name so was going to call him something else /majoreyeroll....
She can suck it up like everyone else. We're going to name this baby what we want and they can go suck an egg if they don't like it.

Washed and dried the shorts and capri that I bought from Walmart. Looks more like something you wear around the house, but I don't care. I'm gonna wear them out and be comfortable! My big pregnant ass does not care what anyone thinks lol. Oh and they are oh so comfortable /love.
I do wish I could have found some more flowy light skirts too, but oh well...get what you can get :)

I'll have to do a bump shot soon. I'm 20w today and showing like I'm about 6 or 7m along lol. I feel HUGE this time. Most of the time it's from bloat b/c all I want to do is eat eat eat.
Even when I'm full and have bad heartburn (ooo maybe that means baby will have a lot of hair).... I still want to eat! So all of that eating is causing some major bloat. But hey... at least it actually looks like I'm pregnant now instead of just fat so yay :D

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