Sunday, March 13, 2016


No photos of Oren digging in to his cake b/c the party has been postponed.
SiL posted on FB that her daughter had the flu, then DH called his mom and she's sick too. So yeah... we just decided to postpone the party until everyone was feeling better.
But then, on Saturday, SiL and her husband kept posting photos of their DD looking totally fine... so guess it wasn't the flu afterall. Still though, best to keep her away for now just in case whatever she has/had was contagious.

Anywho, not a huge deal to have the get together later. We weren't doing anything super special so it's really NP.

I managed to clean the kitchen for the most part. Just need to wipe down the counters. It's SO frickin nice to have a nice clean kitchen LOL. We actually have a pretty good size kitchen with a lot of counter space... and we still manage to clutter it up with a bunch of crap ALL the time. We cluttered it up so much that we barely had any usable space.
So yeah... it's nice going in to the kitchen now and actually seeing all of the counter space empty and clean and usable! lol
I really need to clean the oven. It's..... well... it's disgusting. Saw some DIY video a while ago on how to clean it. Need to find it again b/c it REALLY needs it.

I still have a lot left to clean. Need to dust like crazy and still have the living room and the carpets to clean. But hey... at least with the postponed party.. I'll have more time to do it all. Won't feel so rushed and won't push myself until I'm aching and can't move lol.

DH asked me again yesterday if I wanted to go to the beach or anything this year. Had to reiterate that we really will not have the money to go on a proper vacation. The beach and whatnot will always be there next year when hopefully we'll have our savings built up some again. Plus, I think day outings to places will be just as fun. Or hey... if he has a week off, just hanging out around the house and doing nothing. That's pretty awesome too and I'm sure a lot of people would love that kind of vacation lol.
Sure it would be nice to go to the beach again, but we need the money for more important things. New car/payment, making the baby room, crib & dresser, possibly his shed and back patio, etc etc. That's gonna be A LOT of $$.

 We're weaning Oren off of formula and hopefully the bottle too. He really likes milk and loves food, so hoping it all goes smooth.
He was used to getting a bottle before he went to sleep though, so he's been crying a little when we put him down without giving him a bottle first. He only cries for maybe a minute though so not a huge deal.
Also stopped giving him bottles at night when he wakes. Now.. I wait to see if he starts getting fussier, and if he does, I go give him his pacifier, cover him back up and that's it. That's been working out great though and I think he cried once the first night we did it and that was it :)
It's just the daytime bottle feedings that will be difficult to get him off of. He loves his straw sippy cups, but think he still associates the bottle as actually eating... if that makes sense. I think I just need to feed him more solids though. Actually start cooking him eggs and whatnot and stop being a lazy ass :P lol

This age is just SO frickin cute though. Even though Oren is a mini tornado right now that puts everything in his mouth.... holy crap is he adorable!! The baby babbles, the laughing, the cute awkward clapping and waving. It's just SO stinking cute!!

Only negative right now is that he's SO clingy. He absolutely loves to be held and wants to be picked up ALL the time. I don't mind picking him up, it's just that, being pregnant and having a toddler.. I get up quite a bit so always have to put him right back down.
Plus, Zoe is getting a bit more jealous and wants to be in my lap too if he is. That makes me feel so guilty b/c it makes me feel like I don't give her enough attention.
Really don't want her acting out b/c she feels like that's the only time she gets attention. Not that I ignore her or anything lol. I do my best to give them both lots of loving attention :) But ya know.. that mom guilt will get you even if you have nothing to feel guilty about lol.

Anywho.. so yeah... hopefully this coming weekend we'll have the get together so I'll have some photos to post then :)

In the meantime... I need to start cleaning out my closet! NO idea where all of that mess is going, but it needs to be done sooner rather than later :)

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