Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I'm so dramatic lol

It's 3am and I'm wide awake. Partially thanks to DH's snoring and part b/c of my own annoying inability to sleep like a normal human being :(
So yeah... here I am to post.....

So my dentist appointment wasn't that bad. Xrays, getting lectured on how to properly take care of my teeth lol and a deep cleaning.
Felt like a child being told how to brush their teeth, but oh well... that's their job. It's not that I don't know how to do it.... just that.. well... laziness got the better of me for many years so I just didn't.

The deep cleaning was an oh so fun experience.
They couldn't do much on my left upper teeth b/c of the broken sensitive tooth but everything else got some excruciatingly fun picking. Used this vibrating gadget that sprays water with it to get most of the plaque off first, then had to get really in there with the normal pick. Nothing like the pain of them scraping the hell out of your teeth under your gums. But it was only moments of pain for a good reason so I wore my big girl pants and toughed it out :D lol It was a long painful in spots process though. OUCH. What I get for not doing what I should have though.
My teeth thankfully and surprisingly aren't in terrible shape. I do have cavities obviously, 2 bottom wisdom teeth that really need to come out, and that top tooth that needs to come out too, but other than that, they didn't see anything majorly wrong. Think I dodged a bullet there.
Was lazy about it before, but will definitely start flossing now. Thankfully I have pretty easy teeth to floss b/c a lot of my front ones have small gaps that are easy to go inbetween.

I have to go to an oral surgeon next week to talk about my broken tooth and my wisdom teeth. The dentist definitely wants the broken one out while I'm still pregnant b/c it is? was? infected and is causing me pain, but I'll have to get a fake tooth for the spot since it's apparently an important area for chewing and whatnot. So.... yay :\ Also have to go back to them in a week to get a checkup to make sure everything is healing well and to clean up the spots they couldn't get before. Need to reschedule it though. Not sure why they did it, but they scheduled that appointment an hour before the surgeon one.... *shrugs*

So yeah, overall it wasn't that bad and of course I made it out to be horrible in my head. lol

Also learned today that other than my cheapo capri yoga pants, my maxi skirts and my around the house shorts... none of my button/zipper capris fit me. Not even the ones that are 18w size. I had to dig down deep to find a pair that fit tight when standing up but really dug in to me when I sat down. Poor baby got squished yesterday. So yeah... gonna have to take a trip to Wally World to pick up a few pairs of nice stretchy elasticy shorts and/or capris. Not looking for anything fancy, but would prefer something with pockets at least.
Maybe some light weight skirts too... we'll see.

Zoe did extremely well with her appointment or so I was told by everyone lol. They loved her. I was telling her all day leading up to her appointment about what they were going to want her to do. Plus she was in a good mood when she went so that helped. They loved her though and she cooperated with them so yay :D They didn't do much since well.. she's 3 and doesn't have any problems with her teeth. We just need to brush her teeth more and start flossing them. Joy :\

What else what else...... apparently DH has had a sore ear for a little bit now and it hurts to swallow. I swear... could we go a week without one of us getting sick? Told him he just needs to go get it looked at but of course he's going to put it off for at least another day. Hopefully it's nothing serious but with our recent track record.. would not be surprised if it's an ear infection.

Aaaand I think that's it. Time to waste some time and hopefully get back to bed soon.

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