Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Come on buddy

Oren is not getting used to daylight saving.. savings.. whatever it is. GAH this crap is such BS. Screw tradition.. that shit needs to end NOW.
Anyway.. he woke up just before 4am this morning. I go check on him when he starts fussing more and he did not like that I didn't have a bottle with me one bit lol. He cried for a couple of minutes but quieted down.
I fall back to sleep finally only to be woken up.. maybe 10mins later and the boy fusses and cries for the next HOUR. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH
He would cry for a few minutes... then quiet down for a few.... wash, rinse, repeat.
I'm so worn out this morning b/c I didn't actually get back to sleep until after 5:30.
Sorry little dude, but you're not getting fed at night anymore. I did check on him again but it only made it worse, so I decided to just let him cry. If his cry had gotten worse, I would've checked, but it was more of the annoyed crying he was doing so I knew he was fine.

So.... TIRED.
Thankfully first nap today he went down with only a few seconds of crying. Sigh......

We talked about names some more last night.
Ezra is definitely the only name for a boy that we like. Asked DH if he liked anything else, but he likes it and so do I.
Middle name is still in the air though, but we've narrowed the choices down to 2... for now.
Franklin or Finn

For a girl... we still have a lot of girl names that we both like. I do still like Evie the best, but Ellie and Ella are still in the running. Think there's another name too that I'm not remembering lol.
As for a middle name.. still too many to pick from right now. Couple of them are Francine, Felicity, and er..... that's all I can remember off the top of my head.
I'm not too fond of Felicity... especially if we picked Evie. Just think there are too many E sounds in there.

Still, it's exciting that we're dwindling down the list :D

Ok... think I may try to nap or at least just completely veg out while Oren is napping. Maybe I can get in a cat nap before he wakes up... and before Zoe wakes me up lol.

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