Friday, March 4, 2016

Well shit....

Sorry for the late post. It's 1am and I'm waiting for tylenol to kick in.
DH stayed home b/c we needed to take Oren to the doctor today.
Oren threw up ALL over me yesterday afternoon. I mean.. just.... ALL OVER ME. I was feeding him teeny tiny bites of solid food b/c he hadn't had any the entire day. Wanted to give him something, but even the minuscule pieces I was giving him was too much and out came everything all over me.
He also slept terrible and kept waking up crying and was just miserable. Told DH he needed to stay home so he and I could go to the doctor.

I went to one of those Med Care places. They didn't even have a strep throat test strip things to test for it, but took blood to look at my white blood cell count. I could tell by the questions they were asking that they didn't think I had strep throat.
But... high normal cell count is 10 and my number was 13 so the doctor prescribed me zpack. I'm fairly certain I do have strep throat and not some other random infection causing the cell count lol. This shit just hurts too much and has lasted too long for it to be something else.

Of course I get home and tell DH and he gets a look on his face and says
"They gave you Zpack for strep throat? Strep throat can be resistant to that antibiotic. They should've known that."
Ugh... well shit. Wish I had known that :\ This crap better work b/c I'm tired of my throat feeling like this. It's AWFUL.

As for Oren.... we got him an appointment finally and took him in. He still looked unwell, but was eating solids fine and acting a lot more lively than he was.
Doctor asked questions and I think she was going to write it off as just a cold or something, but she checked his ears and literally said "WOAH" lol. Turns out Oren has a double ear infection and his throat is also a little red from what she could see so he probably has strep throat too. We were all pretty shocked b/c well... he really wasn't acting like his ears were bothering him.
My poor little guy.
At least we got him his meds though and hopefully it will start working ASAP for him.

Hope my med starts working quick too. This pain is terrible. You don't realize how much you swallow until you do it and it HURTS. And hell.. even breathing and the air passing through my throat hurts too when the tylenol starts to wear off. Plus.. I'm still taking tylenol like crazy and I hate doing it. I'm not going over the daily limit, but there are times when the tylenol stops working sooner than it should so I'm just stuck there in pain b/c I don't want to take more too soon.


And in other news.. I totally peed on myself just a little while ago. Not just a little.... AND of course my panty liner didn't catch it all. Awesome....
Nothing like having to change your undies and pants b/c you coughed too hard and have no bladder control.

I'm sucking down cough drops like they're going out of style. My blood will be replaced with cough drop fluid soon.
It is helping though. Too bad I can't use them while I sleep. I could take some other cold/cough med, but I'm already on enough shit right now and just..... I don't want to add something else to it. I'm already so paranoid that I'm doing damage to this baby :(
I will definitely be dopplering again tomorrow.


Lets see.... what else can I ramble about while I wait...

Some of the seeds we planted are starting to sprout :D Few of the cucumbers are coming up and one of the pumpkin seeds we got out of a pumpkin MiL got Zoe is growing too. So fun :D
I can't wait to have some home grown cucumbers and tomatoes to munch on!

Zoe is spending the night with her granny tonight. At least I hope it's with her granny and not Aunt. I don't know why they give in to her. She'd be just as happy spending the night with her granny but if she says she wants to stay with aunt... they just let her. And of course Aunt isn't going to say no even though she should b/c MiL would like to spend some time with her other grandchild. Just frustrating.

Our oldest dog is really slowing down. Poor thing looks to have arthritis really bad. She's still eating and all of that good stuff, but just struggling to get around like she used to. Think we need to start giving her tylenol or something to help.

Working on SiL's baby's name letter things. I hate it. I don't like how it's coming out and not sure what I can do to make it look better. They're just turning out ugly.

We still haven't figured out what we're doing for Oren's birthday.
It's so funny... with Zoe.. we had all that mess figured out. With Oren.. we're just like... Meh...
It's not that we don't care... it's just that I guess... we don't see it as a HUGE deal like we did with Zoe. Turning one is awesome, but just having some family over and eating cake is good enough now lol.
Mmmmmm cake.... I want to get him one with giant frosting flowers on it and damnit.. I want a corner! lol I'm not gonna be allowed this mess soon and need to enjoy it now!

Oren is making noise and feels like the pain med is finally starting to kick in. Good.... Momma is tired! Running on barely any sleep every day is taking its toll!

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