Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sleep children! SLEEEEEEEP

So I did finally get to sleep this morning... at 5:30. I laid back down at around 4:30, but one of our dogs needed to go outside and I really didn't want to deal with hershey squirts in the house. So I guess it was a good thing that I was awake to catch that and let him out.
Zoe woke up right after DH did for some reason so he brought her to our bed and she went to sleep. She woke up at around 7something. I didn't want to get up so let her go watch the laptop while I snoozed some more lol.
She finally woke me up around 7:40 b/c she was hungry. Figured I should get up even though I still didn't want to lol.
Oren had woken up but DH thankfully fed him and O went back to sleep. He didn't wake up until 8:30. Oh it would've been so nice to sleep in until then.... sigh. I'm totally going to take a nap when he does.

Did go to Wally World this morning. Wanted to check out their cheap shorts and I found 2 that I purchased. Some shorts and capris. Both nice and elasticy and look comfy! Just need to wash them and then try them on and hope they live up to my expectation lol.
Didn't see any nice light skirts. Still just the maxi ones.. which are fine, but I don't really need anymore.

My mouth aches a little. Not surprising with the amount of scraping they did yesterday. Uncomfortable to brush my teeth too, but meh.. mouth heals up pretty quick and it doesn't really hurt that bad so it's all good.

Pretty sure we're going to pick out the crib and dresser this weekend. The baby furniture place is having a sale on the particular brand we wanted and the sale ends on Monday. We hadn't planned on getting it this soon, but can't pass up the chance to save a little.
Thankfully it's the same place we got Zoe's and Oren's stuff so we'll have 3 months to pay it off. Just have to put down 30% of the total... yikes.
It's the reason why I did go to the store this morning. We're going to have a busy Saturday with DH's church's easter egg hunt and then having to go get the nursery furniture and DH taking forever to pick out colors for it.
I'm just going to let him pick b/c I don't care that much about it. Really hope this poor LO doesn't feel neglected b/c mommy didn't feel like doing up the nursery like the 2 other kids. Not that the room will be ugly or anything... I just have no motivation to do anything for it.
All I want to do right now is fart, eat, and sleep.

And yes... pics are incoming soon!

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