Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Well that escalated quick

Oren woke up acting fine and playing like usual. That is until he threw up most of the formula I fed him. I was kinda in denial that he was sick... just thought it was a fluke and he ate too fast or something.
NOPE... all he wanted to do after was cuddle.
Put him down for his morning nap which he had been fighting but went down without a peep.
He woke up, seeming to be fine so I fed him a yogurt.
About 5min later... he burped and promptly threw up some of it. Thankfully not all of it.
He wanted to snuggle so we did even though he smelled awful. Fed him a little bit of milk in a bottle b/c he needs some liquid in him. He threw that up and it was just an unnatural pink color from the yogurt.
Did eventually get him in to the bath after that though b/c figured it would make him feel better, and it did seem to while he was in it. He was laughing and splashing around like he normally does.

But out of the bath.. he just started crying and getting fussy.
More snuggling, he fell asleep on me and I noticed he was feeling warmer. Took his temp and it was barely above normal... like almost 99.

Gave him a little bit of apple juice when he woke and he seemed to keep that down NP. Probably b/c he wasn't chugging it all down in one go.

DH got home early b/c he had a dentist appointment. He snuggled with DH for a bit b/c I had to pee and eat something.
Fell asleep on DH after he was giving a small amount of milk in a bottle. All seemed well until DH had to get up to go to church. Oren took that as a go ahead to throw up all over DH. (HAHA it wasn't me this time!)
Oh did also take his temp and it was at 101 something. Called his ped office, but they were already closed for the day. 

I sat Oren down in his room while I was doing something. Can't remember what... and he threw up a TON while he was on the floor. My poor baby boy looked SO freaked out b/c it just kept coming out. He looked at me to do something... just had that pleading look in his eyes and I couldn't do anything but try to comfort him until he was done :( Felt so horrible for him. I can imagine how scary that is for a baby/child that isn't used to vomiting and just has no idea what is going on :(
Had to run him another bath to clean him off b/c it was all over him and milk coming out of a feverish body is STANK.
He was not happy in this bath. He was still freaking out over the vomiting so basically just soaped him up, rinsed him off and that was it.
More snuggling in the chair and more apple juice which he kept down.
Gave him more tylenol (gave him some around noon or so) and put him to bed. Turned his fan up and didn't bother putting a shirt or anything on him. Just in a diaper.
His temp did come down to 100 when I last checked it so that's good. At least it didn't go up more.

Oh also opened up a window after spraying the vomit spot and putting a towel over it. Couldn't leave him alone to clean it up properly so yeah... that's gonna have to do for now. Hopefully he'll feel better tomorrow so I can clean up all the spots.

So yeah.. it's been a super fun day :( I love baby cuddles but not b/c he's this sick.
We're afraid that he got reinfected with his infection b/c we forgot to clean his pacifiers. Didn't even think about it :( Really hope not and hope it's just some quick 24hr thing that he somehow got.
Of course if he's still not feeling better tomorrow, I'll be taking him in to the doc or hoping they'll just call in another prescrip for antibiotics, but doubt that will happen.

Poor baby boy. Feel so bad for him. Gets better from his ear infections and now this happens.

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