Monday, March 7, 2016

Better better :D

We're slowly but surely getting better. Oren was SUPER whiny and grumpy yesterday so I put him to bed an hour early. He went right to sleep and first time he woke up was at 5am. Took him a little bit to go bck to sleep but then he did and slept in until 7:30. NICE.
He's in a good mood this morning :D

Only time I took tylenol yesterday was right before bed. Started feeling a headache coming on and didn't want to go to sleep with it. But other than that.. my throat felt fine. It did dry out during the night though which was weird. My mouth was fine, it was just a spot in my throat that dried out. Probably where the infection was.
But hey... I'll take that over the pain any day.

Oh! I found the heartbeat the other night :D Was right before bed and I was moving the probe around trying to find it and BAM! There it was, nice and strong. Didn't even have the horse gallop or train sound to it. Just sounded like a nice strong heartbeat :) Baby must've been right there :) Heard it move too which is always really fun.

Every once in a while, we'll try to get Oren to stand on his own and he's been doing it sometimes. Only for a second or so, but it's something at least :) He could do it on his own and I'm not worried about it. He'll start running around here soon enough :D

Ya know... never thought I'd be the type of parent that spoils, but oh heck yes I am! lol
I mean we're strict when we need to be. We make Zoe pick up her mess and do things a toddler can do, but man.. she has a ton of toys! We don't need to buy Oren anything else for his birthday and will never need to buy any kind of toy for the new one b/c we already bought it for Zoe lol.
She may be spoiled in that sense, but she's such a good kid IMO. She has her moments of course, but I think overall, she's a good one ;) lol I say that now while she's being good :P Just wait until she starts up whining or something rofl.

DH moved almost everything out of the new baby's room. Will have to get some photos. It's actually a pretty decent sized room. Little bigger than Oren's room. I think we could get away with just building out a closet instead of building in to mine.
I really don't care if my closet gets smaller, just after seeing how big the room is, I think it would be easier to build a small closet out and there would still be plenty of room left. Wouldn't have to be anything huge... something about the size of our coat closet I think would be perfect.
We'll see. I think DH is determined to build in to mine to keep the room nice and square. Oh well. He's gonna be the one doing all of the work, so whatever he wants to do lol.

And finally... some of the tomatoes are finally coming up! YAY! So excited! 

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