Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Well, last night sucked

Stupid cough and sore throat!! Mostly stupid cough.
Went to bed at 9:30... I would doze off only to be woken up by myself coughing. Did that until 1pm when Zoe woke needing to pee and Oren woke up fussing.
They both went back to sleep and my throat was starting to hurt again. Took 1 tylenol to see if it would help and thankfully it did, but I couldn't get back to sleep in the meantime so stayed awake. Didn't lay back down until 3pm. Did thankfully get to sleep but woke up at just after 6 and yep... that was my sleep last night :\

Thankfully though... the humidifiers are really REALLY helping. I did wake this morning with my mouth and throat dry, but it was only to the point of it being pasty instead of completely dried out.

Only good thing about not being able to get back to sleep until 3am... I'm fairly certain I felt baby moving around :D YAY! Laying in bed trying to get back to sleep and I felt some very distinct thumps. One under the pooch and then a couple on the bed. They were having a good time in there last night :)
So excited to finally be feeling some movement that I'm sure is actually the baby lol.

Oh and I'm REALLY glad that DH gets to sleep quick and my coughing doesn't keep him awake. I don't understand how he doesn't wake up every time I have a cough attack, but he slept through them.

And finally... I am definitely making the most of panty liners. I can't even count how many times I peed on myself a little yesterday. Stupid cough!

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