Sunday, March 6, 2016

Feeling better

Thank goodness!! My throat feels so much better today. There's still a little bit of soreness and swelling feeling, but it's nowhere near as bad as it was before.
So glad that the antibiotics are working for me.
Oren is feeling better too for the most part, but he's still being very whiny. Poor baby. I'm sure his meds will start to make him feel much better soon too. Thankfully he takes it with no problem. DH didn't get it flavored like we did with Zoe. I haven't actually tasted it but seems to be ok lol.

DH thinks he's getting sick again and I'm sure Zoe will probably end up sick again too.
She spent the night with her granny and probably aunt this weekend. Really happy she loves going over there and they love having her. We're really lucky I think to have the family we do. Not perfect by any means, but we all have our flaws :)

Anywho... with the weather getting warm again, we can open up the windows and let some fresh air in. I'm sure that will probably help to keep us from getting eachother sick over and over again.

Grrr, I wanted to buy Zoe some of those new DC superhero girl dolls that Target has. NONE of the stores in our area are carrying them and of course, they're instore purchases only. WTH Target??
With how much excitement people have for these things... they could make a TON of money by making more and ya know... letting folks buy them online, specially if not all the stores are getting them.
Really wanted to get them for her birthday but noooooooo.
Hopefully by then, they'll have more and online b/c I know she would love them.

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