Thursday, March 3, 2016

Strep throat??

Man, I hope not.
My throat is just... uuuuuuuugh. I'm popping tylenol like no ones business. Not going over the limit, but still IMO taking too much.
Got paranoid so used the doppler this morning and actually found the heartbeat! YAY! Heard some movement and then right after, heard that sweet little train chugging along in there. So happy about that :)

But yeah.... if my throat doesn't start feeling better soon... I'll probably go in to one of those Urgent/Doctor Care establishments to see if this is strep throat or not.
DH thinks it's just sinus drainage along with coughing and dry throat/mouth that is causing this irritation. I am still coughing a good bit. Damn tickle...
He doesn't think it's strep b/c I never got a fever. Yeah.. neither did Zoe when she got it, but there she was with that weird red sandpaper rash all over her body.
So anywho... we'll see what happens. Really hope I start feeling better. Not coughing would be nice.
I'm not lucky enough to have nice short coughs. Oh no.... when I cough bad.. it's like I'm about to frickin die and spread a deadly disease to everyone in the vicinity.

Sleep was a little better last night even though I woke up every single hour. Tylenol wore off around 11 and I tried toughing it out. Made it to about 2:30 before I finally said screw it and took some. Then I lounged on the recliner and dozed some until it kicked in. Sigh... being sick sucks :(

And speaking of being sick.. poor Oren yesterday. Not sure what was going on with him, but he woke up fine and then just slowly got sicker through the day.
He wanted to snuggle which was so sweet. I held him for a while and he just laid in my arms looking at me. I had to pee though so put him down and when I came back, he had puked all over the floor, himself and the blanket he was sitting on.
The rest of the day he was just really low energy and just wanted to snuggle most of the time.
He never got a fever or anything. His cheeks did feel a little warm, but thermometer never showed that he had a fever.
He's fine today so far though so.. yay fot that. His nose does seem to be running a bit more though so he could be getting sick..... again.

Afraid that this is gonna be the norm now. One of us is going to get sick and pass it along and it's going to be a vicious cycle until it runs its course for a few months. UGH

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