Tuesday, March 15, 2016


DH this morning... just ugh. Ok, so Oren started to fuss some starting at around 4:30 this morning. I went in to check on him, rolled him on his back and covered him up and put the paci in his mouth. He wasn't happy and cried for a few seconds but went back to sleep.
He wakes again a little after 5. DH's alarm clock starts going off, so I stay in bed. Oren isn't crying or anything so there wasn't a huge hurry to go check on him. DH gets up a little earlier than normal. I THOUGHT he was going to feed him b/c that's what we usually do when he wakes up at this time since he usually ends up getting up for the day an hour later.
NOPE.... He just does what I did and leaves him to cry.. which he does until I get fed up and grab a bottle.
Of course DH gets all pissy and says that he's not getting up with him again if I feed him.
Dude... STFU. You got up a whole 10-20minutes earlier than you normally do. Cry me a GD river.

Just UGH! If Oren was waking up at 8 or later... I would have just let him cry, but like I said.. since it was so close to the time he normally wakes.. I didn't see a problem with giving him a bottle.
DH can kiss my ass. He can start getting pissy when he's the one that can't sleep and has to get up with the kids when they wake up.

Also another bitchy post... I really wish SiL's husband (DH's younger sister)... had a filter on what he posted on FB.
Dude posts every single picture he takes of his daughter (the niece that I babysat for 2 weeks). That's not bad.. but he even posts the ones that are almost pitch black.
Seriously?? Is he seeing something in these awful photos that no one else can see?
Like recently.. he posted a super dark blurry photo. If you didn't read the description, you would have NO guess on what the hell was actually in the photo.. that's how bad it was.
Just.. ugh... I know it's not a major concern or anything.. it's just annoying when I check FB and see his crappy ass photos that you can't tell WTF is going on.

And my cousin... I love my cousin to death but I swear if she posts another duckface picture of herself.. I'm going to scream.
She's also guilty of vague posting shit. Like cryptic little messages that maybe one person in her life will understand WTF is going on... so then everyone starts posting and asking WTF is going on but oh no.. she doesn't want to explain shit.
I never ask b/c I HATE that shit.
If you have something to say.. just frickin say it!! Don't go phishing for comments by posting vague ass messages.
I also have another cousin that vague-posts but she has an excuse... she's still in her early 20's. It's still annoying as hell, but she's still young.
The first cousin... no... no excuse. You're over 30 and a mother of 3.... stop with that juvenile shit!

Well this post ended up being a big ole bitchfest lol. I swear there was something more positive I wanted to post, but I can't think of it now. Lol... Oops

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