Monday, March 28, 2016

Just sittin here

Yesterday was nice. Hanging out with family and eating good food. Well... we had steak and my steak had bone shards in parts of it. :\
Always so nice to bite in to a bit of bone.

But other than that.. and being trapped in a room by my 12yo niece that is a total Japanophile..... it was good lol.

It rained yesterday all day long so we hid eggs in the living room area for Zoe to find. They came home from church, ate some, put Oren to bed for a nap and locked Zoe in her room while we hid. DH hid most of them.

Zoe had a blast though. After every single egg (seriously... every single one), she'd say "I found one!" lol It was so cute and she had so much fun :)
I thought we spoiled her with what we bought, but we actually didn't get a lot once it was all said and done.
Not that there's anything wrong with spoiling your kids though if that's what you wanna do. Hate it when people make a huge deal about what other people buy their kids. Ok, sure, some of it is over the top but, not your money.. not your kids. If they want to buy their 9mo an ipad for some reason.. go for it. If they want to buy them a kiddie pool full of stuff for Easter, have at it!


MiL is determined to know what this baby is lol. She wants us to get the tech to write the gender down in an envelope and give it to her :P lol Not gonna happen, but still funny heh.
These first 20w went by pretty fast.... the next 19w will go by just as quick I'm sure :) It's a relatively short amount of time so everyone can wait /nodnod

Gotta wait until 3 this afternoon until my appointment. BLEH! Gonna be a long wait.

And finally..... crap... I can't remember what it was..... there definitely was something else I was going to mention but it just totally left my brain. Well poop...........

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