Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Birthday Boy

Such a nice day out. Had to get some pics of him. Just wish the grass was green... and no weeds :P lol
He loved posing for the camera though... then loved shoving a fist full of dirt right in to his mouth when I wasnt looking. Sigh.... builds up immunity right?... uh... Right???? :P

Zoe's just in the background doing her thing hehe.

And I swear, that's how his hair grew in. My mom asked me yesterday why we cut his hair that way lol. He's just naturally emo I guess? hehe

Oh and before I forget to mention it. DH asked me yesterday if I wanted the tech to put the gender in to an envelope and we throw a party to reveal the gender. I actually told him no. Never thought that would come out of my mouth lol. But yeah... I'm committed to waiting until birth and darnit.. that is what we're gonna do. Just hope that I don't accidentally see the bits on my 20w appointment. lol

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