Thursday, March 10, 2016

12m appointment today

Oren has his checkup this afternoon. Poor guy is gonna get some shots and it's not gonna be pretty. Really hoping his ears look better. Not sure why they wouldn't, so not too worried about that.

Afterwards, we're going to the store to put in the order for his cake :D So excited!

Tried to find the heartbeat this morning and couldn't find it. Couldn't even find the placenta so I was definitely looking in the wrong spots. Too low I think which means everything is right up under the fatpack.
Just wish I felt movement more. I haven't felt anything in a while and it's making me worry. I'm definitely getting bigger though. Actually look pregnant now (most of the time) instead of just looking fatter :P lol
Still.... I can't wait to feel movement more often. Will be such a relief.
I don't know how women claim to feel movement at 8w. I'm sorry, but that's just a load of horseshit. I don't care how skinny you are or how intune you think you are to your body... your baby is the size of a damn kidney bean then. You're not feeling shit!
Ok so that's a little mean, but really.... WTF would you be feeling when the baby is that small and still only wiggling around a little?? Don't even think you'd be feeling flutters or bubbles. Just wishful thinking IMO, but meh.. whatever. No harm in them thinking it I guess.

My throat hurts again *grumble* It's the left side this time. It's not bad yet... just notice it when I swallow, which has me worried that the infection wasn't all cleared up. That z-pack stuff according to them is supposed to last for 10 days so it should still be doing its thing. Hopefully this is just the result of my throat drying out at night and nothing more.

Well that was gross. Another nasty Oren poop.. but this time.. with gritty dirt in the mix b/c of his adventures in taste testing soil outside yesterday lol.
This loose poop needs to stop already though. It gets EVERYWHERE and smells so dang bad.
Well, his turds smell terrible too, but at least those are contained to a turd.

Zoe's been doing great going potty. She'll have very small dribble accidents every once in a while. Sometimes she'll wait too long to go, or she'll stand up after going too soon so it gets on her undies.
She freaks the heck out about it too. I mean... that's fine and all.. don't want her sitting around in wet undies, but boy..... she goes through them like crazy b/c of it lol. Also doesn't help that her clothes and ours are all mixed up together so trying to find her teeny tiny underwear in our pile of clean clothes is annoying.
I guess we could fold some clothes, but pfft.... like we're gonna do that :P

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