Friday, April 1, 2016

Sleep child!! SLEEP!

I feel like a lot of my posts are about Oren and his shitty sleeping habits lol.
He's screaming his head off right now b/c he doesn't want to take a 2nd nap, but screw that noise... he's taking one if he likes it or not.
I made the mistake of going in there to give him a bottle of milk and that started the screaming fit all over again. UGH.
He is one stubborn child and is sucking the little bit of energy I have right now.
Children just do not understand what adults would do to get 1 or 2 naps a day and to go to bed nice and early and get in 8-12hours of sleep. How awesome and happy would that make us old folks??? lol

Can't stand April Fool's day. Some pranks are funny, but all of these fake news stories are just so annoying. It's like people that don't have a sense of humor got together and tried to think of something funny to post for this day and it just ends up lame. Uuuuuuuuuuugh.
I'm such a buzzkill lol

Thank goodness... he finally went to sleep!! Dogs and Zoe better keep their shit together and not wake him up damnit! lol

I swear... it is impossible... IMPOSSIBLE to keep this house clean for more than a couple of days. The living room once again looks like a bomb has gone off in it. The Tardis kitchen was looking like a hot mess until I cleaned that up today, but I'm sure it will look awful again tomorrow. It's never ending.....
It's like dishes and laundry..... it just never ends /sob

We're talking about getting another dog when the oldest one dies.
We're kind of debating if we want another large dog (or well.. I guess she's medium size at about 60lbs?) or just getting a small dog.
We would want another large dog to help keep the bad guys away. I wouldn't mind a mutt from a shelter.
But we want a small dog b/c well.. they're small and we kinda have our hearts set on getting a pug. Or well.... I have my heart set on a pug lol.
But that would be a lot more money getting a dog with possible health issues and having to find a reputable breeder which could be a pain.
We'll see.
It's not going to happen any time soon I don't think. Pretty sure our old dog has at least another couple of good years in her although she has slowed down quite a bit.

The itchy nipples are in full swing. Why pregnancy?? WHY??????
Out of all the crap you could do to my body... you give me gawd awful itchy frickin nipples!!!!!

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