Monday, February 29, 2016

Better but still there


This will be the THIRD time trying to post this shit. Almost done twice now and both times, I hit something on this stupid keyboard that erases everything! /SOB

UGH, so to paraphrase everything that I've been trying to post...

Migraine is still here, but better. Yesterday was frickin terrible.

Pretty sure baby names picked out will either be Ezra for boy and Evie for girl.
Still time for that to change though.

We should be minivan hunting within the next month or 2.

Did plant some seeds yesterday. 2 diff tomatoes, 1 cucumber, oregano, carrots, sweet basil. So excited!

Oren ate some of the potting soil. Oops lol
Zoe had fun helping out and getting in the way lol.

DH wanted to know if I wanted to go on vacation this year, but no. We have too many things we need to spend our money on. We could do one day things here and there, but no long vacation unfortunately.

And yeah... I think that was it. Before this gets accidentally deleted again... it's getting posted :P lol

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