Sunday, December 30, 2012


Is the official start of our strict month!
It's not going to be as strict as the first time we did it. We're having a little bit of dairy still... and DH may cheat on Weds. Oh and if a marinade calls for sugar, I'll be using some, but really, those are minor things.

I'm so excited to get started!!

So tired of sleeping like crap. I know my wonderful new habit of snoring is some of the problem too because it always wakes me up or I'm half asleep and can hear myself doing it. BLEH.

And losing weight has got to help with my crap body. I still haven't gotten AF, and I'm bleeding now. It's not AF though... just heavy spotting every once in a while.
Had some yesterday, and by night it had stopped. Same thing today.
So annoyed and a bit worried about that. My body is screwing up again and it sucks :(

We're def not having another LO any time soon if this keeps up. Hopefully with some weight loss, things will become at least somewhat normal.

Speaking of a new LO...I can't wait! lol
I just look at Zoe and wonder if her brother or sister(s) will look like her, act like her, etc.
I look at all of the clothes she has outgrown and wonder if we're gonna be keeping the girly stuff or using the boy ones.
I stalk the Due date boards on TWW and live vicariously through all of the women that post there LOL.
Even though the last few months of pregnancy are rough... I totally miss it! I loved being pregnant, even when I was complaining :P hehe And I loved that anticipation and wonder about the baby. Wondering what they're gonna look like and all that good stuff.

It's going to be SO difficult with a little baby and probably a toddler, but I just can't wait. I just hope it does happen though.

Oh and Zoe seems to have found her funny bone finally heh.
She seems to be laughing more. DH had her laughing in the living room. And when he was taking her to her nursery w/ me following behind. She saw me and started laughing.
Oh my gosh it made me cry to hear it. LOL It was just so sweet and cute, I couldn't help but cry w/ joy.
DH is so cute when he hears her laugh too. He'll usually say "Oh my goodness." In total awe.
Baby smiles are awesome, but baby laughs are just the best!

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait for you to have another! :-) Good luck with your diet plans!! FX!