Friday, December 28, 2012

F- you judgemental PRICKS

This is aimed towards the stuck up bitches over on a certain forum (not TWW).

If you don't like piercing a baby's ear. That is totally fine! It's your baby and if you want to give them the choice when they're older.... Good for you!
If you don't like the way it looks on babies, also perfectly fine! Hell, some people don't even like jeans on babies.

But don't even for one f-ing second insinuate that the parent is BAD for getting it done or considering it and please get off your high horse because you think YOUR decision is better than everyone elses and they should all agree.

I don't like co-sleeping. I will NEVER do it with Zoe or any other future baby b/c I'd just be too scared to.
Does that mean I go around and call all parents that do it irresponsible? Hell no!

UUUUUUUGH that just gets on my nerves. I don't know why I keep going back to this certain forum. It's filled with mostly self righteous pretentious prick ass women that think they know best for EVERYONE and aren't afraid to voice their very harsh negative narrowminded views if they disagree with something, but don't you dare disagree with them b/c how dare you judge them!

I just need to stop going there. Something on it always ends up pissing me off and it's usually the same thing over and over again.

Someone posts a topic

First few comments are ok and then the bitch-brigade takes over with comments similiar to.
Blahblah.. I think it's terrible, but I'm not judging.

Someone disagrees with bitch-brigade....
How dare you judge me when in my delusional mind I don't... ever!! Now let me go back to passive aggressivly calling everyone I don't agree with a terrible parent.

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lisabttc said...

That is such crap! I wish other mommies would be more supportive of one another. Everyone does everything differently! It doesn't mean it is wrong. I totally support your decision to get her ears pierced early - it's better IMHO! Boo to them. If they don't like it, they don't have to do it themselves or bitch about it!