Sunday, December 30, 2012

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We went to the Once Upon a Child across town.
They had 3 more joggers. 2 for 80 and one for 90. The 2 for 80 looked pretty used and dirty, but the 90 one was NICE.
It was a Jeep brand one and looked almost brand new. The only way you could tell that it was used was that the tires were slightly dirty and there was a little bit of hair dust in the cup holder.
Really think we should've gotten it.

We didn't though. Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby were right there so we went to those to see what they had.

Not sure what DH wants to do. I think $90 was still too much for him so we may end up going to get the $50 one from the store near us which I'm fine with. Some wiping off and I'm sure it will look great. Plus with our store credit, we'd only be paying what... $27 for it and that aint bad :)
Will try to get him to look at some joggers online.

And as I replied in the comment on the previous post..... if you have a Once Upon a Child near you and you have never been... GO NOW! lol
They are fantastic! Tons of toys (some used a lot, but most look barely used), shoes, clothes clothes and more clothes etc etc.
You really don't have to buy anything new unless you just like new things.... which come on.. we all do :P hehe
But for you pregnant mommas out there... DO NOT buy new newborn clothes or 0-3m. Or at least, don't buy too many new stuff. Go to one of those places and buy stuff from there b/c you will NOT use those clothes enough to justify paying retail price for them. *nodnod*
My forceful words of wisdom for ya ;)

And some photos!

A cute dress thing that we got yesterday. It's hand wash only which sucks. Still need to do that, but it's so darn cute. It came with pants too.

The rest are in that basket kind behind the glider. Yeah, her room is a BIG mess right now that I need to clean up. Fold clothes, get rid of clothes, put away books, toys, etc.

Hehe, she often gets that deer in headlights look when the flash goes off :P

Gamecocks Ninja!... or something

Getting photos of her in her owl hat before she outgrows it. It's almost too small for her now :(

Angry owl!

Yay Happy owl!

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lisabttc said...

Great tips! Thanks :-)
Aww she's so cute in her owl hat!!