Saturday, December 29, 2012


We went to Once Upon A Child today. I made sure to pit the stroller in to the car myself.
We only got 22.50 for it but that is better than nothing.
Also decided not to buy that one onesie. I'd much rather buy a couple outfits than just the one... and I did.... muahahahah
 DH helped though as usual.... he always goes crazy with the baby clothes.
I'll try to remember to get photos.
They did have a jogger though and it was only 50. it looked kind of dirty but nothing that can't be cleaned off.
DH wanted to go to the other store across town tomorrow to see if they have more.
I'm fine with that, but I don't think we're gonna find anything better for that cheap.
Alright, back to watching Dr who lol.


Meike said...

ohh I love Dr Who x

Anonymous said...

That's pretty cool! I'll have to check out that store..I know there's a couple in the area.

LisaL said...

Lisa, I HIGHLY recommend going to that store. It's AWESOME!!!!!!
I've seen almost every single toy that was bought for Zoe at the store close to us for more than 50%cheaper and in great condition.
New stuff is awesome, but used much much cheaper stuff is just as great! hehe
You'll find SO much great stuff at that store.