Friday, December 28, 2012

A quick one

Got Zoe to laugh! YAY! lol
It didn't last long, but she gave some up hehe.
I was standing her up and bouncing her on my lap. She thought it was hilarious apparently and started to crack up.
DH was sitting on the other couch and was just amazed and awed by her laughing. It was amazingly cute and such a great family moment.

UGH, why do I torture myself... sigh.
I went back to that forum to look at that thread again. Yes, I'm just making myself miserable and angry over this crap. Stupid me.

Anyway, apparently b/c I got offended (not offended just pissed off at the high horse crowd) then I must not be confident in my decision to get DD's ears pierced. Uhm.. what??
They totally did NOT get the point I made, so whatever.
They can get back on those high horses and patrol for another oppurtunity to make themselves feel superior to others.

Oh and while I'm still on the topic of this...

During Christmas, DH's uncle and aunt were at the inlaws house. The inlaws had been fighting with them for gosh, since close to the beginning of my pregnancy actually.

This was the first time they met Zoe and one of the first things out of the uncle's mouth was "You got her ears pierced??" in total disgust.
Yes, yes we did.
I know he was just looking to start a fight, but I just nodded and smiled.
He tried egging something on again later in the day, but yeah, I still wasn't biting.

OH I forgot to mention....
So for Christmas... we were all supposed to draw names. Almost everyone is hard up for cash and there are SO many of us, so it would just be easier to pick a name to buy something for.
First off, they didn't frickin draw names until AFTER all the good sales were over with... awesome.
And then... what happens during Christmas?? DH and I find out that some of them still bought EVERYONE a damn present!! WTF??? And these were the people who suggested drawing names to begin with.
Again.... WTF??
It made DH feel bad and guilty for not buying presents for more people, but it just makes me pissed.
They weren't trying to make themselves look better or anything like that, but still, don't frickin suggest something and then not even follow through with it.
If you want to get everyone a very cheap small gift, ok whatever, but don't give out a bigger gift to everyone when that is not what was agreed upon! GEEZE

Anyway.... the person that drew my name was DH's uncle's wife (not the one I mentioned above). This wife and uncle are in their own little bubble and could really care less about anyone other than themselves.
She actually got me a nice gift though. It's this pretty glass top bird bath. She admitted to me that she didn't even pick it out though b/c she had no idea what to get.... yeah that didn't shock me at all.

Anywho, to end on a more positive note since I've been doing A LOT of bitching lately lol...

Hope to go to Once Upon a Child tomorrow. I know DH doesn't want to, but I really want to get rid of that stroller.
Not sure why he is hesitating.
I know we're not going to get what I paid for it, but still, it's just collecting dust right now. Getting SOMETHING back for it is better than nothing. Plus, I just like looking around the store :P lol

Gosh, I can't believe it's almost 2013 already. It's gonna be another great year I think :)

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