Sunday, December 23, 2012

More annoyance!!

Yes, I probably shouldn't be bitching so much before Christmas, but the more you spend with family, the more frustrations you have :P


So yesterday, we went to the Flea Market to meet up with the inlaws. I knew I should've said I didn't want to go.
I swear, DH's mom wants to look at every single damn thing. We had already been there, I think for 2 hours before DH and I kinda rushed them :P lol

But UGH.... MiL... she really is a sweet woman, but she's one of those people you just want to smack some sense in to sometimes.
She's a hoarder. Her father was living with a woman for a while, but they got in to a fight so he moved back in to his house (which is where MiL and FiL are living).
Well he made MiL clean up the house and good lord, we've been hearing her bitch about it ever since then. Like we're going to take her side on this.
The last few times we've been up there, I refused to go in to their house because it's disgusting. Hell, I didn't even want DH to go in because even spending a couple minutes inside, you come out stinking to high heaven.
You can literally smell the inside of the house from outside.. probably a good 20 feet away.
It's absolutely disgusting.

So anyway, DH's grandfather basically nagged them to clean the house and b/c of that, we're having Christmas there. I'm still not looking forward to that shit.
I'm sure it is clean LOOKING, but I dread the stench. That kind of funk is not something that just goes away.

Well anyway.... at the Flea Market... MiL saw these 2 Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen dolls she wanted. Yeah... you read that right..
There were these 2 hideous barbie doll looking things of the Olsen twins and she wanted them.
Well FiL told her no when she called him over to give her money.
She pouted to us and to SiL about it. Uhm... GOOD!!! I just want to shake her when she starts up with that crap. You're supposed to be getting rid of crap, not adding to it!

And then, we're supposed to be going to the movie today and MiL is babysitting.
Well she thought we were going to bring the baby up to her house. I don't F-ing think so. For one.... just no... and 2, the theater is a mile from our house. It would be easier for her to watch her here.

And don't get me started on their dogs. Jumping all over you, most of them probably have heart worms or some kind of parasite. I know a couple of them are aggressive and will bite. Those damn dogs better be put up when we go over there on Tuesday. DH has already told them that.

Anyway, enough of that mess. Only a couple more days and we can just go back to seeing them once a week.....

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