Saturday, December 22, 2012

Stuff and junk

UGH last night was ANNOYING.
So every Friday, we go out with inlaws unless something happens.
It's been this way for years now... YEARS.
And yet almost every damn friday, DH's family act like it's the first damn time they're hearing about it.

So DH gets home last night and calls his dad like he usually does (or calls his mom, whichever picks up)... and his dad tells him that his mom, sister, and aunt are out shopping. Cue the groans and eyerolls from us b/c we know what this means.
DH tries to get in touch with them for over an HOUR.
When he finally does... it's
"Oh we're almost done. We'll call when we're about to leave."

Another HOUR later... we finally get a call that we're meeting up at the food place at 7. UUUUUUGH

So we get there and oh look, the place is closed and the inlaws have been sitting there a while. Ok... did they decide on somewhere else to go? NOPE
They had been sitting there at least... AT LEAST 10 minutes before we got there yet it occured to absolutely NONE OF THEM to think of somewhere else to go.

When it is finally decided... they pick the slowest damn place possible. It's a wings place that is just down the road from where we were at... and oh look... they're busy as shit!
There was not enough room for our party of FIFTEEN people. I don't know WTF his family was thinking. DH and I just stood outside, and when we saw how busy they were, we just frickin left.
We swung my Little Ceasers, picked up 2 pizzas and came home and watched a movie.
Just so fucking annoying and I blame DH's aunt and mom. They are frickin shopaholics and can do that shit for HOURS on end and they waited until the last possible fucking second to call anyone for dinner. They could kiss our asses.

DH called them up a little over an hour after we got home, and after he told them that that place was too busy and too slow, they told him that they were just then getting some of the food. Yeah, it's one of those places that doesn't bring it out all at once... oh no... it's whoever is done first gets it. So that person is the only one at the table awkwardly eating while everyone else wonders when they're gonna eat. I'm sure they probably didn't leave that place until well after 9.
Nuh uh family... we have a baby now that is on a schedule. Yes that schedule can be broken, but not for that shit.

ANYWHO... so there was that.

And this morning was annoying too.
We got up nice and early so we could hit up the Walmart photo thing before anyone else. Well guess what... that shit doesn't open until 9am! UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH
So frickin STUPID. Right before a damn holiday... open that crap up sooner!!!
So we left to go fill our water jugs. Came back and of course they were all taken and if you've ever printed photos at Walmart, you know those things are slow as shit.
We were in Walmart for over an HOUR waiting to use those damn things and getting the photos.
Good lord that was terrible.

Anyway, Zoe is crying, gotta go do momma junk ;)

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lisabttc said...

Ugh, how annoying all around!! Those in-laws would irritate me LOL. And I can't believe the photo place wouldn't be open a lot earlier! Ridiculous!